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  1. The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.
  2. What about annoying things?
  3. How do you gain Skill Cards and new Positions?
  4. how does default BAL camera feel this year?
  5. not playing a single game = negotiation broken?
  6. How to call for ball?
  7. Why does a 17year old have no stamina!!!
  8. on bench no matter how well i do
  9. can you start in portuguese league
  10. Got a bit of a problem with my National Team
  11. Legend combinations
  12. Importing your own face - problem, but why?
  13. My BAL player's first season video
  14. having trouble :(
  15. new stuff does any1 notice??
  16. Fatigue Immunity question?
  17. Missing Achievements
  18. Learning New Ability
  19. Become a Legend-mode causes crash !!
  20. Being subbed then playing the game as normal??
  21. Missions
  22. BAL TIPs TRICKs To Improve Better!!!
  23. Getting injured
  24. how to get Ronaldo hairstyle?
  25. Team Training Point Improvement
  26. D2 league in Bal?
  27. Anyone Playing as an Exsisting Player?
  28. Agent
  29. Legend online
  30. starting Rating
  31. editing your legend ?
  32. hand of god
  33. Asking for ball
  34. Club Captain
  35. BAL Missions
  36. UEFA Club Footballer of the Year
  37. Player Development
  38. Can U create a player with OVR over 70s?
  39. Any Ideas To Improve Till 34Years
  40. End Game
  41. How can I get skill cards?
  42. Best Boots to wear?
  43. Become a Legend is flawed
  44. Lanre Badmus - An American's Perspective
  45. Market activity level question
  46. Top assistman
  47. Difficulty level and being scouted
  48. BAL National Team
  49. Fast forward problem
  50. Proud Seeker help...
  51. BAL national matches
  52. Always in the bench
  53. Always substituted
  54. Does anyone actually really enjoy this mode?
  55. Substitute bug?
  56. Best young players for BAL
  57. BAL creation attribute help?
  58. Bad rating with Long Ball strategy
  59. How does Legends Mode Partner thing work?
  60. Does ratings helps in player progress?
  61. Cant transfer in summer?
  62. Play in friendly match against my friend
  63. Classic players
  64. Your experience with BAL
  65. Is it possible to...
  66. how to get good rating?
  67. Fast forward speed?
  68. Play with exiting player?
  69. Voicing Discontent with Your Manager
  70. Manager rating and his strategy frustration
  71. how do i increase 'become a legend' overall rating and training points
  72. Goals Become a Legend
  73. Can i play for Other Leagues (Europe) clubs??
  74. D2 League
  75. Drastic difficulty shift!?
  76. [Trophies]Become A legend several trophies QUESTION
  77. Award Ceremonies
  78. National Team Help
  79. BaL 2012 Missions
  80. Which training improves which stat?
  81. a question
  82. Contract extension?
  83. Starting team
  84. PC Version vs Console Version - Is PC Easier?
  85. Long Range Drive skill
  86. just wondering..
  87. transfer fee and contract
  88. New to PES Need help please
  89. Import BAL game between PES 2011 and PES 2012?
  90. need some tips
  91. Weird Substitution Issue!
  92. Become A Legend Development
  93. Few Questions
  94. Best Teams?
  95. What else can I do with my money??
  96. Can someone tell me
  97. BAL and superstar level
  98. Problem
  99. how to change the origin?
  100. Transfer Save Files on another computer
  101. locked on to passes?
  102. some questions
  103. How to make my player, moved by COM? [PSP]
  104. Question about some mechanics (wrong forums?)
  105. BAL & Special Abilities
  106. PES 2012 simply awful
  107. Can coaching point increase??
  108. How to stop goalkeeper getting out from his line?
  109. BAL online blimp camera issue
  110. Become a legend issues
  111. Forward of the year and I don't know why?
  112. Premier league patch
  113. The shooting farce!?
  114. Will my manager find common sense?
  115. NPower Championship Add-on?
  116. Rating Decreasing in Traning Matches
  117. How do I become a good striker?
  118. camera angles?
  119. Controling whole team
  120. Why?
  121. A question a Become a Legend...
  122. Are Playstyle cards relevant?
  123. A question
  124. aussie legends online players
  125. legend question
  126. Controlling my team-mates in be a pro.
  127. Please Help!!!
  128. Become a Legend help for a newbie
  129. My player this year.
  130. Teams
  131. Problem when playing for Country
  132. [Video]Brazil Squad!And Transfer for Inter!
  133. WHY, KONAMI, WHY!? (tension release)
  134. Team mates
  135. Free kick and corner in Be a legend mode @ PES2012
  136. National Team