View Full Version : hEditor - an option file editor for editing hidden stats and ML salaries

20-05-2004, 14:44
Edit hidden stats:
For CBWs set if the player is a sweeper or libero
Set weak foot frequency
Activate intercept and sliding special(star) abilities

Edit Master League salaries:
Adjust a single player's salary
Adjust all player salaries, to make ML more difficult or easier (it's possible to set all player salaries to 1 ;) ).


20-05-2004, 15:53
Great, I am downlaodin it now.
Does MAster Leagus salaries mean u can edit how much points u can get to buy players ?

20-05-2004, 15:56
Nice! Thanks for your work!

Waiting For Incoming
20-05-2004, 15:57
Did anyone else get it to work?

20-05-2004, 16:06
Yes working smoothly!
Make sure you have the latest version of jave!

You will need java 1.2 or higher to use this program.

You can check which Java version you have here: http://javatester.org/version.html

The latest version is available here: http://www.java.com

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20-05-2004, 16:11
I installed the latest but its still showing the old version, that must be the reason, Ill have to find a way of sorting it

Waiting For Incoming
21-05-2004, 15:29
Now sorted - Good job Compulsion

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21-05-2004, 15:34
Forgive me for sounding stupid but Im not sure what that does, can anyone explain? "For CBWs set if the player is a sweeper or libero"


21-05-2004, 15:45
Its a secret special ability that u cant choose to have in the game.
Some of the defenders already have it but u can now give the ability to anyone with this new editor

Waiting For Incoming
21-05-2004, 16:38
But what does it actually do for the defender?

21-05-2004, 17:45
What do you think it does??

24-05-2004, 13:38
Fixes the "Save As..." bug, where the error message: "File name must end with .xps" would be shown, even if the file name entered did end with .xps :D

01-06-2004, 21:20
New options for locking or unlocking cups and shop items.

03-06-2004, 10:47
Super work compulsion!! Brilliant. No more waiting untill the free transfer thingie is unlocked everytime I have a new patch.

Thank you.