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24-05-2004, 19:58
From ISSExtreme:

Tato has updated the AFS Explorer program to version 3.2 and updated/released the plug-ins available.

AFS Explorer 3.2
- Added support to WE7I graphic files.
- Added support to WE7I CES files.
- Rewrote "Import AFP patch" function, it now acts like a normal folder for importing.
- Improved plug-in support, added crypt functions.
- Fixed memory leaks.
- Fixed error window not appearing on regeneration window. Now an error window appears when the reserved space for an AFS file is not enough to store its sub-files.

WE7 Kit Converter Plug-in for AFSExplorer
- WE7 Kit Converter

WE7 CES Converter Plug-in for AFSExplorer
- Converts WE7 CES audio files to WE7Int CES files

PES3 Editor Plugin for AFSExplorer
- Edit PES3 Stats
- Export and import player and team data
- Face and uniform preview

Find all these and more at the DTE-NG (http://dte-ng.issextreme.com/) site

Superb work by Tato again. Respect.

24-05-2004, 20:20
I cnat seem to find 3.2 on the link

24-05-2004, 20:38
Geduld is een schone zaak....
Patient is a good Thing..:);)

21-06-2004, 17:25
Do you need a CDWriter for this ?

21-06-2004, 17:47
Then you did something wrong, the whole program is in the ZIP...