View Full Version : Roberto Larlcos belter!!!!

25-05-2004, 00:04
R.carlos with the outside of his left, bends it to the top right cornor!!!!

Lots of cool goals!!!!
www.emafband.com and go to the links page!!!!

Ogopa Djz
10-06-2004, 23:21
Its aight. But its kinda tedoius to get too.

11-06-2004, 11:33
Can't you just post the direct link mate ????

02-07-2004, 20:27
what the, please post the goal instead of a link. is it even your goal?

28-07-2004, 12:37
i dont no where to go man jsut send the real ting man

28-07-2004, 12:47
I think Dundons understood he had to post the goal instead of the link after the first reply. No need to tell him that over and over again. There is a name for that you know...

30-07-2004, 00:03
this band page is utterly annoying dont even try looking

08-08-2004, 04:11
trying to fins the goal is almost annoying as you claiming to be the world greatest player!