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06-03-2018, 05:18
After a while of being away from the Edition I decided to return by launching Liga MX Updated on 03/05/18.
A work prepared by #TeamDanyPES and for us it is an honor to present it to you.

We hope you like this work that we have done with great effort!

Here we leave a video where you can see some previous:



-Competition Liga MX / Copa MX with Logo
-Updates Updated 03/05/18
-Kits Updated 03/05/18
-3rd Kit for all Clubs
-Some 4th Kits
-Faces edited for each of the players
-Image of DT
- Custom Stadium image for each Club
-Strategies on 05/03/18
-Banners for all Clubs
-Fantasía KIT de Chivas by Charly González
-Rivals Teams Assigned to each team.
-Club Coyotes FC (Next Project of Pencho Galleta) Where are the players like Ingame14, Glatiatore, Jalex, Nyinho, Rolo Brenes, Dany PES.
-Club Real San Marcos (Charly González Project)

Credits / Acknowledgments

Specially to:

-Nyinho PES Faces
-Charly González Fantasy Kit Chivas
-Pa-Q-Elas Stats / Faces
-PES LOGOS Logos / Stadium Template
-Pencho Galleta Kits & Faces
-Dany Pes Faces / Kits / Stats
-Dyloniano PES Faces / Stats
-Wepes Costa Rica / Jalex Stats
-Pes Kings Edition Stats


-Jair Josimar
-Juan Diego PS4
-Pes LTC
-Julio Ballesteros
-AMX Editions
-Alain Nandayapa
-Charly Pietra
-Pearl Rayquaza
-Parches Pro Peru
-Max Buss
-Andres Segovia
-Rodrigo Pes


http://www.mediafire.com/file/9d0r7nnzp6q079d/MexaPower_Patch_%23TeamDanyPES .rar

Greetings Friends!


07-03-2018, 04:36
New Download Link (Add Images of the Stadiums)