View Full Version : WE7int REDUX V.2.3 DVD Eng-Jap-Ita now available!!

29-05-2004, 19:12
Patch We7int Redux v.2.3 DVD now available!!!!

by PIPPO77XEVIATAN and Biggy

A patch in PPF format for we7 international DVD!!


Important notes about version 2.3:

This update is not for graphics and sounds (but there are, new adboards, some new kits and chants....).
In version 2.3 we tried first to improve game's database and playability.
Many patchs have toons of graphics and sound effects (...but in Redux 2.0 you'll find that too..) but the database and playability are poor, the game is too fast...

We do many tests and we played many games only to find better stats values in order to have a great playability

Try this new 2.3 (there are still db fix to do, but we need your feedback about playability before Redux 3.0....) and lets us know what you think about this new database (please play at last 3-4 match....)

What's new in 2.3:

for 2.0 contents refer to this thread (http://forum.pesinsight.com/showthread.php?t=8273)

1- Fixex kits distant number bug ?1, 8 and 18? (where possible)

2- All callnames relinked

3- Global edit of many stats to improve playability and to make the game less fast (we used global edit to reduce speed and many others...)

4- Many players stats, apparence, foot, boots updated (Chivu, Serginho, Zambrotta...)...

5- Team rosters updated

6- National teams updated : Italy, England, Nedherlans, France and Portugal updated for Euro 2004 (more in Redux 3.0)

7- New Italy kits (and others updated too)

8- New better balls (Finale e Fevernova)

9- Other fix from 2.0 (korea collar and number are now ok....

10- New adboards

This patch is for the WE7i DVD ONLY, NOT RIPS.

You can select any language for the game (When the game boots), but in order to have all patch features you have to select ENGLISH, JAPAN or ITALIAN commentary (in the game options menu -> sound options menu).

How to apply the patch:

The patch is in PPF format, you have to apply the PPF on a ISO image with PPF-O-MATIC 3:

1 - Make an ISO image from the original We7i DVD with Ultraiso or DVDDecrypter
2 - Apply PPF We7Int_Redux_v2.0_Eng_Ita_Jap. ppf with PPF-O-MATIC 3
3 - Apply PPF We7Int_Redux_v2.0_to_v2.3.ppf with PPF-O-MATIC 3
4 - Apply PPF We7Int_Redux_v2.0_Video_Addon. ppf (only if you want the CL intro video) with PPF-O-MATIC 3
4 - Burn with RecodNow (tested) or other burning apps
5 - Enjoy!!

Download link:

You can find the patch Here (http://www.barbaglio.it/We7Int_Redux_v2.0_to_v2.3.rar)

30-05-2004, 22:22
Throughly enjoying Redux. Easiest patch for those with DVD writers and very good all round update. Tbh I haven't really noticed any difference in speed. Does this require resetting the option file? TBH not sure if fiddling with the gameplay is wise because, personally, I don't find the game too fast but maybe others do.

For Redux 3.0 I have the following recommendations:

1.) Shirt numbers. Try and incorporate some of the patches that exists for things like premiership/primera liga/real madrid/chelsea numbers. Renzo has done one that you may be able to use.

2.) Nike kits numbers still not quite in the middle of the circle. Only minor and probably impossible to fix without a complete kit redesign although changing the shirt type for Brazil/Holland/Portugal etc may help fix this...

3.) Edit referee names. Some other patches have real names for Collina etc which is nice.

4.) Champ. League entry music is a tiny bit too short and has to restart at the end before the player lineups are complete. Again, a very minor problem but worth sorting out if you can be bothered!

5.) Edit cup names. Renzo nicely added proper UEFA, Champs League, FIFA World Cup names (with some logos) to replace WEFA, International Cup etc...

The above recommendations are only minor. I still see Redux as the best all-round patch in terms of its benefits and ease of application although the above recommendations would make it undisputably the best patch available for WE7i. Keep up good work!

03-06-2004, 13:58
has this patch got all the Euro 2004 kits + all new nike kits?

04-06-2004, 00:12
Yes it does... new england away strip, portugal, brazil etc nike kits

05-06-2004, 08:51
i cant burn it onto disc because the DVDIMAGE.ISO is 3.39 GB.

06-06-2004, 15:34
ARGH.....rite now I got Redux 2.0......if I were to patch the game again it would me I have to make a new option file and all the things I unlock or edit will be gone....
-I hope that in this new version The Arsenal socks are the proper ones cause I notice in 2.0 only if Arsenal is the player 2 the socks of the home kit is correct so is the keeper's kit whihc is orange however it if Arsenal is player 1 the keeper's kit will be black and the socks are wrong. I would also like to see Manutd have a white sock instead of black. The colours of the kit for teams like Chelsea and Japan is not absolutely right. The colour blue for the kits seems too light. Chelsea and Japan should have a little darker blue not the blue it is right now.

06-06-2004, 15:39
i cant burn it onto disc because the DVDIMAGE.ISO is 3.39 GB.

Its For DVD not RIPS.

10-06-2004, 07:41
jag, aka the slide king say that the x patch final from wefantasy is much better so i would like to know which is better before i patch my iso? thanks :)

10-06-2004, 07:55
How about this: Make a copy of your iso then apply both patches. I say WEFantasyX is the best but I havent used Wendetta yet so to my knowledge, WEFantay rules! :)