View Full Version : Loading Failed when uploading PES OF

11-11-2018, 09:06
Hi Guys,
i'm facing the same issue regardless of which option file I chose.
"Loading Failed"
i'm not using a MAC and I've ensured that my flashdrive is fat32, installed the of in the wepes folders and applied live update before importing images. the ps4 can detect my flashdrive but all images are shown with an error icon, I get "Loading failed" when importing teams and competitions, I desperately need help

14-11-2018, 21:27
I see 99 views but no one to help me, please help me out

14-11-2018, 22:41
Where do you see the images with the error icon?

My game says "load data not found" when i try to import something and media player is running in the background, so i always have to cclose the media player before importing.