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01-07-2003, 18:51
Could someone be kind enough to post the stats and the apperance of these two players?

For some reason I didn't get these two players (and some others) after I've had won the Master league 3 times.

Also if anyone know where I can find the stats and the apperance of other secret players can u please tell me?

Thanks in advance.

01-07-2003, 18:56
It's best to keep playing until you have one Div 1 three times.

01-07-2003, 19:08
Yes, i did. I won Div 1 three times already.

01-07-2003, 23:45
Probably not.

02-07-2003, 00:22
to get these i think you may have to win the umbro training

02-07-2003, 07:05
not for those two.
It's winning the league.

02-07-2003, 18:52
Winning ML Div 1 means you have to basically win 5 seasons in a row (Div 3, Div 2, and then Div 1 three times). Are you sure you haven't just won Ml three times i.e. Div 3, Div 2, and Div 1 once.

I doubt it is the PS2 mucking up, it must be something you haven't done. Did you choose not to ovewrite the option file after winning the Div 1 threes times (If you have)?

02-07-2003, 19:20
I just won Div 1 again (for about the 6th time) and it told me I had unlocked more players.
Keep trying till you get them I guess.

L . F . C
13-07-2003, 09:11
i got yashin 2nd time i won it

17-07-2003, 20:08
I just won Div 1 AGAIN and it unlocked the last bunch of players.
I can buy them but I can't edit them.
They aren't there to edit in any way.
Any advice?

17-07-2003, 20:57
Oh god! This chestnut! You have to win some cup. Is it the umbro cup on 5* with a club team???

17-07-2003, 21:03
No, that's for the club call names (and it can be done on any difficulty).
I'm about to rip my hair out over here.

Should I have exited ML and saved the option file straight away?

18-07-2003, 09:57
Originally posted by Zygalski
No, that's for the club call names (and it can be done on any difficulty).
I'm about to rip my hair out over here.

Should I have exited ML and saved the option file straight away?

I doubt that's what you would have had to 've done. Perhaps just an annoying glitch, or they are like trained players? Not that I would know as i play PES2, you have WE right?

18-07-2003, 10:11
I'm talking about PES2.
Damn weird glitch causing me problems.
Turning green now...


18-07-2003, 14:47
If it's for PES2 than you definately don't have to exit and save the option file. Whenever you win the league and are about to unlock something it asks if you want to save the option file (adding the new names etc) at this point. Did you say "no" to this or did it not come up or work?

Must be pretty frustrating. Why don't you download an option file, seeing as you already have actually earned the players by unlocking them, and thus is not really cheating?

18-07-2003, 15:00
I played the div1 match (Vs West Ham) which guranteed me the league title. After the celebration there was a blue box saying I had unlocked extra players. I went to look to buy them and they were all there, I think Better (Best) was the last one. So I thought Yay. The game was saved already but I saved it again.
Then I went and saved the option file.
But I can't find them in edit mode, just gaps next to the ones already done.
But if I load my ML I can still buy them (or I would if I was so close to the end of the season).

I don't want to download a file as I'm trying to finish my own option file.
It has first and last names for 99% of all players in the game, where space allows. I've done club transfers and appearance fixes as well as club editing. New Arsenal kit and boot fixes etc.

Ask Rebus, he's seen it.
All I need now is to unlock these damned hidden players and fix their names and the file will be finished.

I have won Div 1 more than 10 times now but I still don't have all the players. Bugger.

18-07-2003, 15:10
wot u should do is delete your master league campaign and create another. on the penaltimate game of the 1st division, save your game and you;ll unlock the roster of 10 or 11 bonus player, (best and esubio etc) it will save it to the option file. re-load and it will happen again giving you another 10 or 11 players. repaeat it a 3rd time and your sorted. just a method i developed through laziness.

18-07-2003, 15:16
OK I can try this.
But since it autosaves, you mean don't do this for extreme?

18-07-2003, 15:41
oh yeah - urm urm urm - you can try 2 different memory cards?

18-07-2003, 15:52
I'll try it on hard mode or something. Thanks for the advice mate.

18-07-2003, 16:00
no probs zygalski - u got my add so just mail me any time