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22-08-2004, 10:58
English Premier Patch - Seaon 2004/05
>>>>>>>>>> For WE7 International (english commentary) <<<<<<<<<<

This is NOT an update this is a whole new patch including a whole new database of teams & players reworked from the ground up.

For playing the masterleague, the master league Northern division includes all Premiership teams (without Rangers & Celtic) & division 2 includes Coke Cola Championship teams (Eastern division also includes all scottish teams).

Contents of the patch includes -

New updated over.afs converts all player names to English and all correct National & Club team names.

Teams list -

National teams (updated with all Euro 2004 teams) are now included.

52 NEW club teams edited with up to date squad lists, formations, team flags & kits.

Premiership teams include -

Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Charlton Athletic
Crystal Palace
Manchester City
Manchester Utd
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromich Albion

Scottish teams include -

Dundee United

Coke Cola Championship teams include -

Bradford City
Cardiff City
Coventry City
Crewe Alexandra
Derby County
Leeds United
Leicester City
Ipswich Town
M.K. Dons
Nottingham Forest
Oldham Athletic
Plymouth Argyle
Port Vale
Preston North End
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday
Stoke City
Tranmere Rovers
West Ham United
Wigan Athletic

New Kits - All teams have their official kits with fixed collars & player numbers.

New shirt numbers - English Premier, Scottish Premier & Nationwide numbers for all club kits by WEman.

New 2D Kits - Correct for all teams by WEman.

Callnames - New correct callnames for every International & club team with relinked player names.

New Flags - Correct for all teams by WEman.

Radar - Radar colours assigned correctly to all the teams kit colours by Gaga.

Backgrounds - New updated menu backgrounds.

New boots - (Bootsx9) by Bullen.

Editables -
1.Nike 90iii
2.Didadora Ativia
3.Nike Vapour 2

Non Editables -
4.Adidas F50
5.Adidas Predator Pulse
6.Adidas Predator Pulse
7.Puma King
8.Adidas Copa Mundial
9.Umbro XAI

(8 and 9 assignable only with editing software, NOT ingame)

New balls - Coke Cola ball & Premiership ball (by WEman)

New balls - Ingame ball names Fevernova is now Mitre ISO & Tricolore is now Nike Geo.

New gloves - WE7 glove pack by Gavingriffin's.

New chants - Solidus' chants 2 with correctly linked callnames.

New stadium choice pic - Correct for all stadiums by WEman.

New cup presenting ladies - Sexy but not naughty dress wearing Cup presenting ladies - Lucy Liu/ Lara Croft/Liz Hurley faces by Open dresses by Jonboyo.

New referee kits - English Premier, Scottish Premier & Nationwide official kits by WEman.

New advantage pic - Collina pops up for advantage by WEman

New music - The Cure, Daft Punk, Badly Drawn Boy, Franz Ferdinand, Queen & many more.
(& NO complaints)

New adboards - English style adboards by WEman.

New title screen - Premiership by hitman.

New stadiums -

Danrell 's Stadiums -

San Siro - AC Milan & Inter Milan
Kashima Soccer Stadium - Deportivo L.C. & Valencia
Amsterdam Arena - Ajax
Olympiastadiom - Bayern Munich
Stade Louis II - Monaco
La Bombonera - Newcastle & Tottenham Hotspur
Bloemfontein Rugby Stadium - Fulham & Leeds
Nacional de Santiago - Parma & Chievo
Nagai Stadium - Leverkusen & Dortmund

Dr.XRAY WE7 STADIUM PROJECT Pack 1 and 2 includes - ANFIELD, Santiago Bernabeu (originally Porto Folio), Stamford Bridge(Chelsea), Anoeta (Real Sociedad), Ali Sami Yen (Galatasaray)

Highbury by Waterloo - fixed

Millenium stadium (Cardiff) & Goodison Park (Everton) by Jonboyo.

Nou Camp (Barcelona) by Mhut.

3 new Portuguese stadiums from Euro2004 (Alvalade XXI, Dragao, Luz) by Mauras.

Updated stadiums for Anfield, Highbury, Stamford bridge, Della Alpi, combining new bits from r33, crazyaxel21, Champions League star - Old Trafford (by Montel) playing at night/fine weather and Munich has no snow.

More or less accurate stadiums assigned to all the teams, so now they donīt play in Munich, Barcelona or Monaco etc...

New intro video - ITV Premiership tv intro.

Download Premier Patch 2004/05 here: ftp://we:[email protected]/WE7%20International/Patch/(WEman)%20Premier%20Patch/Patches/PremierPatch(2004-05)/
(Location - Lomungtung's ftp - WE7International/Patch/(WEman)PremierPatch/Patches/PremierPatch(2004-05)/)

To apply the PremierPatch(2004-05).ppf patch -

1. - Place a COPY of your image/iso/bin of WE7I in a brand new folder and name it Premier Patch.

2. - Now open CDmage,
GOTO - File - Open - then go to the Premier Patch folder and load your image/iso/bin.

Now extract the Data_e.afs file from the image/iso/bin using CDmage.
(by right clicking on the file - then click 'Extract File') Leave CDmage open and open ppf-o-matic.

3. - Now apply the patch - PremierPatch(2004-05).ppf size 176 MB (184,940,704 bytes) to your extracted Data_e.afs NOT the image/iso/bin (to find in ppfomatic look for 'any file' NOT just bin/iso), close ppf-o-matic when done.

4. - Now go back to CDmage and import your newly patched Data_e.afs back into image/iso/bin by right clicking on the data_e.afs - then click 'Import File'.

5. - Now replace the OVER.afs and SLPM_654.97 too, by right clicking on OVER.AFS - then click 'Import File' (importing the OVER.afs included in the PremierPatch(2004-05).rar) & then by right clicking on SLPM_654.97 - then click 'Import File' (importing the SLPM_654.97 included in the PremierPatch(2004-05).rar).

6. - Then go to - Action - scan for corruption to Check for errors /repair before closing CDmage.

7. - Now Burn cd in Nero, Fireburner, CDRWin or whatever you use - find image/bin and burn as slow as possible eg. 1x ideal or 4x is good,mode 2/2352.

Thanks to -

Biker Jim & Kel and any other kit makers whos kits appear in this patch.
Stadium makers - all listed above with stadiums.
Sound masters - Solidus and others.
All the tool makers eg. Kmodicha, Obocomen, Tato, Waterloo and others for all their excellent tools.
Anyone in any of the forums that helped & sorry to anyone that I have missed.

23-08-2004, 17:05
This is exactly what I want, but I am having trouble downloading it. It keeps getting errors a few mbs into download. Any help would be gladly accepted.

23-08-2004, 21:20
any mirrors please ??? getting 0 speed at lomungtung !!!

24-08-2004, 10:00
I will upload a torrent to various sites like supernova, lokitorrent and torrentReactor. Hopefully this will be better for all! I'll post the filename to search for when I've done it.


24-08-2004, 10:18
Here is the name of the torrent file for all those familiar with BitTorrent etc

'Winning Eleven 7 Int Premier Patch 2004-2005'

Can be found at the following sites:

www.torrentreactor.net/torrents/download_21738 (direct link to torrent)


27-08-2004, 10:30
Are there anymore BitTorrent sites that has this patch uploaded?

I've downloaded 77% of this patch, and it won't connect to any peers now through lokitorrent.com!

28-08-2004, 10:03
I'm now into my four day trying to download this file and seem to have the same problem from the Torrent sites but I have manged to get at least 86.2%.

Is there going to be any other ways apart from Bit Torrent and ftp://lomungtun.no-ip.com/. The FTP site is even slower than Bit Torrent.

Many thanks


29-08-2004, 12:54
any chance of this in we8?