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17-04-2003, 15:15
Not sure if anyone has ever tried, but it is possible to score directly from a throw in. if you are anywhere around the line of the 18-yard box and get a throw, and u have a player with the ability to long throw, use him. try pointing the throw towards the post, just to the left, and then press the button. this can either work 1 of 3 ways. the goalkeeper will get confused and the ball goes in (it shoud not be allowed by the rules but it is), or your striker will run in and head it in.... or a defender will clear. just try it... it does result in a goal a lot of the time, especially against human opponents.

21-04-2003, 21:00
Does holding any direction while pressing O have any effect?

PES Master
22-04-2003, 12:09
Ive scored a couple of times from a throw in its not much hard.

26-10-2003, 04:54
Who is it best to score with from a throw in?

26-10-2003, 14:07
Who is it best to score with from a throw in?

Someone with a long throw ability. Okocha and Riisse come to mind.

26-10-2003, 17:23
i find tha tha throw ins, r quite dodgey. I tried it with gary nevil and it nearly went in. Stil a lil dissapointing

31-10-2003, 00:40
I use the intermediate camera angle so I can't even see the net, are you lot using a different view or is it just me?

31-10-2003, 02:55
doesn't the goalie try and save the ball