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01-09-2004, 21:13

Bundesliga verision 4 & General Update Option File edited by Postie for PS2

All 18 Bundesliga squads, transfers, squad numbers, stats, appearences, line-ups and staring formations have been updated as of September 1st 2004. The latter were taken from this past weekend. Anderlecht, Sparta Prague, Leeds, West Ham, Dynamo Kiev, Galatasary, WE United, PES United, Olympiacos, Panathinakos and...er...some other team I've forgotten...have all been replaced with Bundesliga teams

I have also updated the other non-Bundesliga teams on the option file as best I can. This means that there's every chance some players may not be at certain clubs due to the fact that I simply could be bothered creating new players. Hey, honesty is the best policy here people. So squads, transfers, squad numbers, stats, appearences, line-ups and starting formation for those clubs have been modified as best I can.

Also take note that the AI seems to allocate squad numbers randomly. I have no idea why this is happening, so if you see a goalkeeper with the number 9 etc, etc, etc - don't ask me how.

Another note, if you intend on playing the Master League Mode with this option file then you'll notice that all the leagues are "mixed". This is due to the fact that I changed the team selection layout, with the Bundesliga teams first - obviously.

This option file will be used in the upcoming Bundesliga MT VI aka MT9, which starts on Friday. Check out The Games Room for more details.

Finally, credit and kudos to the following:

Arsenal666 from pesfan.com for allowing me to use his option file (not the SE one, the one before that) for a foundation
Master Yoda & FCH from pes3.de for the majority of stats and appearences for the Bundesliga players, taken from their PC Patch
DJSaunders from pesfan.com for using stats and appearences for various players from his v2.6 option file
Farrmark from pesfan.com for the help on the squads and some new player stats for PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord
Vieraldo from pesfan.com for translating pages on the official sites of the above teams
Trilogy and Zoidberg from pesfan.com for converting Bundesliga team flags to a .png format
kschoice for his PES3EditOptionFile program.
The official club sites for every team on the file
www.planetfootball.com for the Prem/European transfers
www.transfermarkt.de for the Bundesliga transfers
Tricky from pesfan.com for the impending conversion of this file to the Max Drive format

If I've missed you off the list, don't take it personally

Max Drive:


Please don't rename the max drive verision as there have been problems detecting them. Tricky's orders


Paul B
05-09-2004, 21:53
Great file Postie

I tried it out yesterday when I started the MT :cool:

Good job.