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09-09-2004, 18:55
Hello friends, we present you the first patch of our team.

The patch contains the following thing:

* 100% Names of players and stadiums in Spaniard, new acquisitions 2004/2005 (do Not you need memory card)

* Kits by (Kennyx15)

A 82% of kits among them selections and teams 04/05

* Pack Of Boots by (Angelusx82)

The editables are:

* Nike Vapor (Ronaldo) * Nike zoom tot 90 (Ronaldinho)

The Not editables are:

* White and Black Pumas (Etoň) * Adidas black red (Zidane) * Adidas F50 (Solari) * Adidas F40 white and blue
(Vicente) * Adidas Gray (Beckham) * Umbro (Owen) * Mizzuno (Rivaldo)

The palettes of colors that contains the pack are:

* Black * Red * Blue * Green * Orange * Golden * White * Gray

All these colors except the black one are published, now give a lot of but reality to the boots.

* New Flags by (Kennyx15)

5 Flags you Publish: Mouth, River, Arsenal, Manchester United and Monaco.

* New Canticos by (Solidus)

***** Sounds Solidus J2K CC-Patch AIO v3:


This patch does not bring translation of the menus so that thus each person apply him the one that but he please him (Spanish, ingles, Italian, etc. ..)


This patch contains the names of stadiums and players, therefore is INCOMPATIBLE with the Option Files as for example that of EVO-WEB, if you charge one of these Option Files of the memory card, the Kits themselves will not be seen you the original but the of these Options files.

We expect that the patch be of yours I please, and you give ourselves the sufficient force for the next version of our patch, that are beginning to carry out and that we create a true work of art.

We ask you that the patch you descend it us of our pagina and it they hang in no side, many thanks and that they enjoy it.

Our Web is: http://www.angelusx82.com

Thanks and we expect your aid just as we explain in our page of discharges.

Patch carried out by: Kennyx15, AnGeLuSx82. Gratitudes to: Serginho, SolidusJ2K, ...

09-09-2004, 18:58
Whats the link to downlaod?

09-09-2004, 22:49
Where can u get that patch. is there a link

09-09-2004, 22:52
Whats the link to downlaod?

how you have done this trick in this video ?

Pere Ubu
09-09-2004, 23:38
Yeah, go to www.freetranslation.com, copy and paste the Spanish text from the website into the form, select 'Spanish to English' and click 'Free Translation'. It'll all become clear. But you have to sign up to some weird e-mail thing first.....

And although the patch is for 'DVD & RIP CD', there are only instructions included for installing on full DVD. And they're in Spanish too, so if you haven't applied a patch before, and you're not from Spain or South America, this isn't a good choice as your first one.

I have to clear some disk space before I can rip my DVD iso again, so unless someone suggests how to apply it to the rip, I can't try this for a few days.

10-09-2004, 00:23
Why do you need to rip your DVD again? Keep a clean original image and patch copies of it.

Pere Ubu
10-09-2004, 00:38
Disorganization........ I deleted the clean image to free up space, thinking "I can always do that again"... now I have to clear more space to do it again, or else there won't be room left to patch and burn...

Having looked at the patch instructions though, I don't think I can translate them well enough to apply it anyway, and the auto-translation isn't much use. Maybe a good Spanish-English speaker could have a look?

10-09-2004, 11:23
Is this patch all In English when you play the game or is it patched in Spanish?

10-09-2004, 11:47
ok, is it me or is that one hell of a goal in ash's clip, did it just automatically do that trick or is there a secret?

10-09-2004, 13:02
please could someone put this to download without to must regester ????

10-09-2004, 14:50
I can translate it; perfect spanish speaker talking!! :)

10-09-2004, 14:54
i cant download it anymore :(

10-09-2004, 15:06
why?... I'm doing a good download of it... +/- 26kbps ... (512/512kbps).:.

"remember this patch does not have ANY translation... you need to aply it after this patch..ex: get it, patch it with angelus, after this put fernando-0.6(or any other). :) and clear the option file as well, cuz it will not work with your old save ;)"

Best regards

10-09-2004, 16:43
why?... I'm doing a good download of it... +/- 26kbps ... (512/512kbps).:.

"remember this patch does not have ANY translation... you need to aply it after this patch..ex: get it, patch it with angelus, after this put fernando-0.6(or any other). :) and clear the option file as well, cuz it will not work with your old save ;)"

Best regards

can you send it me per msn ?

[email protected]

10-09-2004, 17:47
do you patch it on the cd rip or the dvd one. and did you patch angelux first and then fernando?

10-09-2004, 18:56
i have regestered me but i cant download it :( why ?

Pere Ubu
10-09-2004, 23:34
I downloaded and extracted the file ok, but the read-me is a bit too much of a challenge.... when AFS Explorer started throwing up odd errors, I was very lost in translation. Couldn't tell if I'd done something wrong or if it was just 'chatter' - I *think* the text said something about ignoring errors, but I haven't spoken Spanish for years. Anyway, it didn't work when I burnt it ..... has anyone got it working yet? Is it as good as the Ole one?

13-09-2004, 21:08
No el juego lo puedes poner en el idioma que prefieras, y para bajartelo solo tienes que pinchar en los 3 banners.

Dattero Mutante
15-09-2004, 19:26
Anyone who tried it? Better than Ole or JonBoyo ones?

Dattero Mutante
15-09-2004, 20:37
The link for download is no more active!

Pere Ubu
16-09-2004, 21:14
Angelus' last post translates literally as:

Not the play you can put it in the language that prefer, and to descend it to you alone have to puncture in the 3 banners.

I THINK this means there is no English translation (of menus etc) on the patch, so you have to use a language patch, and that to download it you first have to click on those three banner ads on the link page.

This looks like a good patch, potentially, but there's these two problems - everything we download from Angelus involves weird spam stuff, and then no one can translate it to English!

I'll try again.

Pere Ubu
16-09-2004, 21:21
Oh this is stupid. You have to click on the banners, but that only enables the link if you're using Internet Explorer. Well I don't use Windows, so I don't have Internet Explorer, aside from the fact that Internet Explorer is CRAP and a massive security risk every time you use it.

So that means I can't get at the patch. Great.