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15-09-2004, 00:10
Contains all the ability stats for all the players in WE8:
ftp://we:[email protected]/Winning%20Eleven%208/Others/WE8AbilityStats.7z.zip

You will need 7-Zip to extract the file:

I tried attaching it Zyg, but my attachment limit seems to be 280kb :)

[Edit by Zyg: I've attached the file compressed in 3 different formats - get whichever one you want.
The uncompressed excel (.xls) is 5.3MB. Great work by Compulsion. Thanks]

15-09-2004, 00:20
why don't they zip it with winzip like normal people?

15-09-2004, 00:28
Another moaner :rolleyes: ;) :D

7-Zip = 360k
Zip = 800k

15-09-2004, 00:34
lol sorry but i just had to say that :D, nice job mate

15-09-2004, 02:00
could someone zip it using winzip like anormal person and post it up here?

15-09-2004, 18:21
=-']could someone zip it using winzip like anormal person and post it up here?
I haven't got WinZip or WinRAR (I'm not paying for these when 7-Zip does the job for free). When compressed using Windows XP's zip compression, the file is 800kb, and the 7-Zip file is 360kb, both are to large for me to attach, as my upload limit is 280kb.

If anyone wants to mirror the file using a different compession method, or if someone can upload larger attachments, and can attach my file in a different format, please do.

15-09-2004, 19:17
I've edited the first post and attached the different versions of the file. This should be a reliable mirror for the file. Get the version you want.

Thanks again to Compulsion. :)

16-09-2004, 01:14
Thanks Zyg :)

19-09-2004, 03:35
Thanks compulsion...wow...what a job!!!

19-09-2004, 11:00
really good work guys!!

06-11-2004, 13:29
hey compulsion how do you work zzip to open it up please tell me because i know nothing about tell me step by step

06-11-2004, 17:29
You need Winzip to open zip files. And WinRAR for rar files.
Once you've installed these, you should be able to open any file of those types. Just double click on the file and it should work.

19-03-2005, 20:36
Michael Owen, If you have problems- just download the zip version.

25-06-2005, 20:18
thanks to compulsion...
your posted files are very helpful to me...
many patch changed players' abilities, i want the default database of you...
once a gain ... thank you!!! :)

07-10-2005, 21:14
Hi, I am new to this forum, I would really love to download the excel file as well, but cannot find any of the three versions mentioned earlier. I was wondering if anyone of you can point me as to where the link is. Thanks a million

08-10-2005, 11:28
You're about 6 months too late.
If you still want this file, someone will have to find it and upload it somewhere else.