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19-11-2004, 10:54
Go here (http://www.pesfan.com/bulletin/showthread.php?t=52291) for more info and download links.

The PESFAN PES4 V2 option file is finally here. This file corrects the errors in the V1 and has a few minor changes here and there.

Postie went through the hundreds of reported errors and corrected what he was able to do, so if the error you posted hasnt been corrected it probably means that either it cant be done at the moment, or doing it would cause other problems.

This file does not update the international squads. The forthcoming PES league will be using default international squads, so for now we are not altering them. This may change for the V3.

This file has:-

95% Corrected player names
95% In game transfers completed
Club team Kits corrected and Sponsors added
International kits corrected
Club team squad numbers corrected
Duplicate players removed
Club team Starting line ups updated
All shop items unlocked (V1 shop items unlocked file only)
Classic squad player names corrected
99% Classic players available from the shop names corrected

This file is the corrected version of the V1. All errors reported in the V1 errors thread have been corrected where we can.
Whilst we try to make this as complete as possible we do make mistakes, please report any errors you find in our V2 errors thread.

This file is available in 2 versions, either with the shop Items locked or unlocked.

To use this file first unzip the file and save it to a suitable location.
Then load either the X-port or max Drive Software and import the file from the saved location.
Finally transfer the file to the PS2 memory card.

If you have any problems check out www.pesfan.com for further help.

This file was created by Tricky, with help from:-
Compulsion (editing software)
Postie (Correcting all errors reported in teh V1 errors thread)
J_S_N (club and International kits and Premiership squads)
Cityfan (Sponsor images)
Cipher monkey (International kits)
Akuzed (Starting lineups and general donkey work)
Marco 2618 (Portugese squads)
Dumbshoes (La Liga squads)
Veiraldo (Dutch squads)
Le Fibo (Dutch squads)
Synch (Seria A Squads and general info)
Lukazan (Appearances and Boots)
Farrmark (Pointing out all my stupid errors and generaly making me more work)

The pesfan members who helped with the club team starting lineups.

The Pesfan refs who have put up with my whinging and irrational requests, and helped in hundreds of tiny ways.

I'm certain I've forgottem some people here, and I appologise to them.

Took a quick look last night. The option file edited kits looked shockingly bad compared to the patched kits (from jonboyo's patch) and was quite surprising! This is not a put-down to the pesfan option file but to what you can make with the edit mode. Anyways, if you want this file, get over to pesfan: Go here (http://www.pesfan.com/bulletin/showthread.php?t=52291) for more info and download links.

19-11-2004, 16:30
I am really sorry if it is already ask. but is there a way to get jonboyo's to my pes4 with the xport?

19-11-2004, 16:57
No. Jonboyo's patch is over 100MB in size.
X-port and max drive can only be used to transfer option file and other memory card files between your mem card and your PC hard disk.

Follow the patching guide in General Editing (sticky) or the one in jonboyo's thread to see how to patch your game.

19-11-2004, 19:57
Somebody can create the Bin&Cue? Thank's

20-11-2004, 01:51
Somebody can create the Bin&Cue? Thank's


20-11-2004, 12:03
Apologies if this has already been asked or is dealt with elsewhere, point me in the right direction if anyone knows the answer

Has anyone else had zero success in getting a confirmation message from pesfan when you register so you can get the download?
Registered ages ago and still no confirmation e-mail received, only managed to get the V1 file through a different website.

Any help much appreciated

20-11-2004, 13:34
I'd suggest you try registering again.

In the meantime, PM me your email address and tell me which version of the 4 files you want:- x-port/max drive and shop items locked/unlocked and I'll send it to you.

20-11-2004, 14:25
Zyg have any pics of the kits mate

20-11-2004, 15:42
They are mostly the same as in V1. Should be some pics in the V1 thread.

22-11-2004, 14:53
pesfan v2 is nearly ready for release, i pmd zyg with it today (mon) so give him a few days to do his stuff. there was a slight problem at my end so apoligies for the delay.

27-01-2005, 18:30
Zyg, Is there a better X-Port option file than PESfan's file which is unpatched?


27-01-2005, 19:17
I got this option file its not too bad some kits and badges are not done like tottenham kits not done fully, and transfers not up to date but its still good option file wait for V3 to be released i suppose.

28-01-2005, 10:03
Its just that PESfan is now blocked on my pc at work and I aint got one at home anymore. I was basically wondering if I could get an up to date file somewhere. I already have PESfan's V1 version which was pretty good. Just want the update :(

28-01-2005, 11:58
Go-Go, I'll email you the pesfan V2. Which version do you want?
max drive or x-port and shop stuff locked or unlocked?

I don't know of any other up to date files as there aren't many posted here. pesfan will release a V3 with updated transfer quite soon.

28-01-2005, 18:21
Wicked :D

The x-port version would do very nicely with everything unlocked please. Many thanks M8 and I will see you on Sunday!! Actually if u bring it on a mem card we can just transfer the data on Sunday

Have a good weekend till then!!


28-01-2005, 18:24
I got this option file its not too bad some kits and badges are not done like tottenham kits not done fully, and transfers not up to date but its still good option file wait for V3 to be released i suppose.

Thanks for the offer Singh, but I'm seeing Zygalski on Sunday so I can get it off him then. cheers :)

28-01-2005, 18:26
Yea V3 should be realeased after the transfer market closes is that right?. BTW how come pesinsight aint got there own option file? or have they.

Thanks for the offer Singh, but I'm seeing Zygalski on Sunday so I can get it off him then. cheers :)

Ok no problem ;)

29-01-2005, 21:33
Are there any option files available with the current Leeds team in? I attempted to make one, but i ballsed it up big time :(

30-01-2005, 16:54
Alrighty... PESfan sure did a mistake by making this OF (Option Files) weeks _before_ the transfer window opened. Also, there are several mistakes with this OF... the formation settings are wrong. Starting line-ups are like those in september/october. I know there are more mistakes, but since I don't remember them, it's not worth to even TRY mentioning them. But I'd recommend you people to get 'Ove Kindvall's OF' _if_ you are going to get an OF. Scorpio's works fine too, but it's not that up-to-date.

Oh well... that's just MY views.

I myself have tried most of the OF and I must say that Ove's version is the bestest to use. Besides, you can use Ove's OF and then edit the mistakes if you see any? And when that's said, you can, of course, use whatever OF you want and edit the mistakes as you see them. -_-

30-01-2005, 23:28
Maybe they'll improve things with the upcoming V3 file they will release.

31-01-2005, 09:50
There is almost no difference in Version 1 and Version 2.
Like you sead Zyg, it's better to waight until Version 3.

03-02-2005, 18:05

I have downloaded the updated onto the max for PS2 and got it working but it does not seem to have kit sponsors on. Does anyone know where I can get a download with all the kit sponsors on as well as the rest?

03-02-2005, 19:11
I replied to you in the other thread. You're using the patched version. Don't use the patched version if you're not using a patched disk.

04-02-2005, 17:21
Zygalski, well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what they do with it. But so far I am using Ove Kindvall's OF as it is pretty much up-to-date. However, v6 of that OF got some not up-to-date issues (formations, transfers & line-ups), but those are easily changed when spotted.