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14-12-2004, 17:50
X - Group 1.0 Pes 4 XBOX

relase : 14/12/2004

Patch Files:


- updated and fixed transfers (values not fixed)
. players numbers not updated
. tactical schemes not updated

- New Balls
. Calssic = White and Red Roteiro
. Plain = Orange Roteiro
. Gray Roteiro = Yellow Roterio
. Pelias = Kappa Ball
. Finale Purple = Finale Purple
. SY1 = Beige Fevernova
. SY2 = White Fevernova


- Refree Kits
- Teams Flags (little and big) on field
- Nurses and Stretcher bearers kits
- adboards on field
- new bootpack
- supporters banners
- "brandeds" stadiums
. San siro
. Camp nou
. Highbury park
. Olimpiastadion
. Old trafford
. Seoul Champions league (my favourite)
. Bomboneira
. Vodakom Park stadium (grass texture fixed)
. Estadio Nacional
. Delle alpi (grass texture fixed)
. Olimpico
. Stamford bridge
. Anfieldroad
. Parco dei principi
. Westfalen
. Rasund
. St James Park
. De Kuip
. Kashim

- Known errors
. Default teams tactics not updated
. Players numbers, kickers and capitans not updated
. modified kits not present


- New menus backbground
- New main selection menu
- New thumbnalis for stadium selection
- Officials competitions logos
- Updated 2d kits for team selection


- Added some team supporters choruses
- New menu musics
- Champion's league music for the entrance on the field
- New musics for the winners cerimony


- Real Teams names
- Real Stadiums names

Addictional Option Files

- Option File by "pesfanmaglie.zip"
. Players Values not modified
. Updated Club Teams Tansfers
. Kits edited with the game editor
. Updated Players numbers
. Updated Teams tactics
. Updated Capitans and kickers
. Updated Flags and Emblems
. All unlocked in PES-shop
. Teams, Stadiums and leagues names Fixed
. Known errors
*minor errors on tranfers

- Option File "mercatolento.rar"
. Updated Club Teams Tansfers(very updated)
. Player's Speed and reaction values reduced for a more realistic gameplay
. Known errors
* Teams tactics not updated
* Players Numbers, Kickers and Capitans not updated
* Teams and stadiums names not correct

Installation Instructions
Just copy the following files in your game directory overwriting the old game files

- default.xbe
- 0_text.afs
- 0_sound.afs
- i_text.afs
- e_text.afs

Option File instructions

copy and overwrite the files in the following directory


Note: u can also mantain your saves of the various competitions,
anyway u can't have updated tranfers for these saves.



Dikko R dam
20-12-2004, 15:48
is this for xboxconnect???

nico stallion
20-12-2004, 15:50
will this work for the xbox, when i use my max drive, my max drive coms next few days so im not sure how it all works is it simple enuf to use or is it complicated

20-12-2004, 16:00
If this is a patch, you cant use a max drive, and y have u put Xbox Live when if this is a patch you couldnt get on online anyway?