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20-12-2004, 17:51
If you have any custom covers that you have made urself then feel free to post them on here.

this is my man utd one:


tell me wat u think, im gonna create a back to it and may print it off and use it, duno yet tho...see how it goes

04-01-2005, 20:05
There Just A Poo Stain On Your Cover, Is This The Crap Edition Of Iss 4?

05-01-2005, 12:32
I'm trying to find Pes4 Pc Editor.I've found it yet .Someone can tell me the link or where i can find it.thank

Lörd TH
09-03-2005, 17:28
how do you make covers like that and the back covers can u tell me if there is a website tell me wat it is

09-03-2005, 17:30
just use some image editing software like photoshop or paint shop pro or whatever you like really.