View Full Version : XBOX Updated Kits Patch for PES4 UK RETAIL

23-12-2004, 16:52
Real kits for all the teams.

Simply rip the files from your DVD to the hard-drive then use Qwix101 to extract the iso and copy over the 0_text.afs file.

Size of file - 312.10MB

You will need to register here for an account - http://bt.xbox-sky.com:8080/index.php

Then locate the torrent file here - http://bt.xbox-sky.com:8080/index.php?page=2

This is a TORRENT file so you will need a suitable client i.e Azureus/ABC/Shadows etc.

24-12-2004, 00:48
Could you help us out and post a zipped version of the torrent file itself as an attachment to your post? This would make things much easier for everyone.

24-12-2004, 07:08
That would make it alot easier, but you need to register on the main site in order to access the tracker.

31-12-2004, 15:50
so this patch is just the kits ?

03-01-2005, 00:10

03-01-2005, 00:12
I just downloaded the Torrent file in the attachment above and i am now downloading without registering to the main site. I tried but it said that registration had been suspended by the administrator

21-01-2005, 15:44
Simply rip the files from your DVD to the hard-drive then use Qwix101 to extract the iso and copy over the 0_text.afs file.

Can anybody translate this into something I'm more likely to understand?

04-02-2005, 13:41

I have got the file and backed up my game onto the hard drive.

I tried ftp 0_text over, replacing 0_text in the root folder of pes4, but this does not work. The screen just hangs when i try to play the game.

Can anyone help, thanks.


24-02-2005, 22:30
I'm download this torrent at the moment.

Could someone please inform me what is on this patch?

29-04-2005, 21:59
People please help!!! right i have dariox patch downloaded 100% on my pc hard drive, an i have a modded xbox also(Sorry if everyone has already asked this but im gettin peed off coz i wanna play patched pes but its just not gettin any closer!!!) Right i have the patch on pc , do i now put the real game in my dvd drive use dvd decrypter to get an iso image, how long does it take make the iso image and if u make an image do u need to use any software to uncrack real game?please please help!

01-05-2005, 11:08
You need PES4 on your xbox harddrive, and then you just overwrite the files in the patch, with the original files. Alternatively,

you can extract the .iso of the original game, replace the files within the patch, create a new .iso and then burn them onto a DVD.

26-09-2005, 13:46
i have a normall xbox and pro evo 4 how do i get new kits and all the new stuff fot it but i do not want to chip my xbox tell what i need to do in a way i will understand thx