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28-04-2003, 16:04
Can someone give me some tips on controlling the ball in the air?

The manual says to use R2 to control the ball in the air, and in a separate paragraph somewhere(??), it says you can use it to bring the ball down to control it. Is that about it? I find that when I'm playing the game, that I almost never win the ball when it is in the air. What will usually happen is that the opposition team will hoof it down the middle, and usually the computer player is in front of my player and he always seems to head the ball first(either as a pass to another of his teammates), or control it himself. The only times I have found R2 to be useful is when they clear the ball from their box and my guy is the only back there and when I hold R2 down, it brings the ball down to my feet. Am I missing something? Can someone advise me on when to use R2 and when not to?

Also, I would also appreciate any tips on winning headers in front of goal, etc..basically any tips for when the ball is in the air. PES2 is a class game, I love it, but I just can't get to grips when the ball is in the air.

28-04-2003, 19:55
r2 basically is meant to allow you to be able to move your player freely, but it isnt that easy really. what i tend to do with long balls is just stand still and about 75% of the time my player will chest it down automatically. alternatively, try simply heading the ball by pressing the pass button to a team mate

30-04-2003, 15:50
To have better headers i find that if u hole L1 and then press O to cross it tends to be more accurate and while the ball is in the air press [] square repeatedly. Also try to look at their position as the game is very complex. If u have a small striker against tall defenders then u r better to tap O twice or 3 times to get a low cross for a volley. And if you are crossing and u strikers are behind the defenders try to move them in front and win the header but just remember tap square alot this usually works 4me and i get all sorts of goals such as scissor kicks, overheads and volleys but mainly good headers. WELL HOPE THIS HELPS U. :D :D

06-05-2003, 22:46
Use R2 to try to get around the player rather than running right through them so you have a better chance of winning the ball.

17-05-2003, 19:13
basically to win a header you must press the button (x or square) at the precise moment the ball reaches your player. This can be difficult to get right 100% of the time so its easier simply to press x or square as quickly as possible while the ball is in the air. obviuosly this still won't work all the time but it'll give you a better success rate.

17-05-2003, 21:36
I think if you hold down the required button from mid-air to the actual header, it'll work fine.
Getting the correct direction on the header is quite important too.

24-05-2003, 12:38
What the manual intended to say was this...

When the ball is in the air, press and hold R2, which allows you control over the player you are, errm, controlling. Holding down R2, you then use the direction arrows/analogue to move your player into position, i.e. (as someone said) you move your player around the opposition to get into a prime heading position.

If your player is strong and has good balance then the option to bring the ball down may present itself. If you believe the player is right for this, I find that backing into the opposition player slightly helps to bustle him out of it. More often than not the opposition will leap for a header, but because of the ball-you-opposition line in effect, they will miss it. Your player should comfortably bring the ball down on his chest, or control it etc.

The only down-side to the backing into the opposition part, is that I tend to give away more free-kicks. I don't mind though - it's quite realistic. :D

25-05-2003, 15:21
I also stay still on the ground, in an attempt to chest the ball down. I then run/walk (depending on the situation with the opposition) towards my own goal and turn. Then I begin to run at the defence.

26-05-2003, 23:01
another way to control the ball when its in the air, instead of going to header the ball jus press R1 and no other buttons.. the player chests the balls upwards and if press [] straight after, if the player is a CF he is likey to do a bicycle/overhead kick the success rate is very high. but only chest the ball if your player is in front of theres, such as goal kicks etc.

26-05-2003, 23:10
Do you have to tap R1 at the right time or can you hold it down?
And you let go of R1 before pressing Square, right?

26-05-2003, 23:29
yeh sorry mate, u can either tap R1 on its own or jus hold it down it doesnt really matter, and yeh u let go of R1 then press square. its hard and takes alot of practice. But Eye pleasing to watch when its done properly, sorry i should of said in the first post.

Conor Ryan
27-05-2003, 17:16
does anyone find using square wins more headers than using a passing header

27-05-2003, 18:25
I do fine with passing headers in the middle of the pitch as they are easy to direct.

I usually only try square to head for shots and clearances (have to make sure I choose the right option though - wouldn't want to get mixed up!) but I will try it and see how it goes.

02-06-2003, 11:56
thanks for all the tips guys.. been helping me on my quest of PES2 glory. I'm finding that I am winning a fair few more balls in the air, but I still have a problem with bringing the ball down. eg. the computer will hoof it up the field, and it will come to me and a computer player behind me...most of the time I will just chest it down if I'm in front, but sometimes, the ball hits just hits someone then stays in the air a bit. At this point, it's usually just me and the other guy jostling for position while the ball is just up in the air. Almost all the time, the computer will just barge me to the ground and win the ball. any tips on winning the ball in such a situation?

Actually I have a general problem with the computer always winning when we're both going after a loose ball, not just in the air. I always end up on the ground after the guy just clobbers me or something similar while the computer just takes the ball up the field. I can't seem to "barge" my way through like the computer.

02-06-2003, 13:17
Try to move around him using R2 and ball-side as quick as possible.

Sometimes, not using any direction will shield the ball well.

03-06-2003, 15:08
what's "ball-side"?

06-02-2004, 18:09