View Full Version : C. Ronaldo, Beckham, Eddie Lewis fk's

19-06-2005, 20:21
I'm kind of a fan of the left footer by Lewis....I took it very quickly after the reset...

The Beckham shot is from my ML. It keeps ronaldo's head freshly shaved.

http://www.zoor.net/nupload/movie/C._Ronaldo_w__Fowler_onlooking .mpg

http://www.zoor.net/nupload/movie/beckham_bender_over_ronaldo.mp g

http://www.zoor.net/nupload/movie/Reyna_s_right...or_maybe_Eddie _lewis_left_foot_blast_.mpg

19-06-2005, 23:57
greatest free kicks man!!!!! the Lewis shoot is excellent.......