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24-09-2003, 18:12
There are many opinions on the best possible eleven in pes2. and subsequently here is mine. (4-3-3 formation to avoid arguments)

1. Buffon (clearly! do not give me your khan crap!)

3. R.carlos
5. Nesta
6. F.cannavaro
2. Sagnol (many will disagree but he is too good)

8. Rivaldo
7. Totti
10. Zidane

11. Owen
9. Ronaldo
12. Shevchenko

24-09-2003, 18:15
barthez isn't THAT bad on the game

everyone seems to forget him

24-09-2003, 18:43
Barthez is one of the worst keepers, I think. Always making silly mistakes - like in real life!

Interesting that people still don't like using DMFs in their team. Very Kevin Keegan! :)

24-09-2003, 19:15
- Sagnol is very good, but Thuram will do as well
- When using a DMF, I would go for Davids
- Owen and Shevchenko as wingers, a don't know about that. Usefull when playing with 2 upfront, but with three... I would go for Giggs, Henry,...
- Ronaldo is good, but don't forget Olisadebe and Diouf

24-09-2003, 19:53
I will disagree with you zinedinezidane in 3 positions.
1: R. Carlos is NOT a defender.( I don't care if he plays as one). I would put instead of him thuram.
2: I don't like rivaldo at all (many will disagree). I would choose nedved.
3:Ronaldo IS a VERY good attacker but I would prefer Henry.
that's all. I agree with you in all the other places. ( especially about the keeper)

25-09-2003, 15:43
owen and shevchenko would not play as wingers in this team, they would play as cf's. i can see why some would disagree with rivaldo, he can be quite difficult to use properly and the impatient among us will discard him quickly but perseverance is key. i had him for 3 seasons in a team b4 he hit form. thuram is not a left back and for that reason i cannot see why he is suggested as a replacement for carlos, who indeed is not a defender, which is why you do not defend with him!. as for nedved in my opinion he is pretty poor, if he was a bit more skillfull he would be amazing, he is a player who always seems to play better in real life than on pro-evo!.

02-10-2003, 22:19
dont you think arcia is much better than sagnol. Sagnol is a good full back but i find arcia better.Vieira is THE best dmf and Rosicky and Totti are gud omf's.

02-10-2003, 23:18
GK - Chavilert (Chilavert)
DR - Arcia (Arce)
DL - Roberto Larcos (Roberto Carlos)
DC - Nesta
DC - Hierro
DMC - Vieira
MR - Pires
ML - Madorna (Maradona)
AMC - Perles (Pele)
FC - Henry
FC - Vieri

J. Zanetti
Vilsa (Gilberto Silva)
Navdid (Nedved)
Stonichov (Stoichkov)

That's pretty much my full team. And it works brilliantly.

03-10-2003, 03:26
rivaldo and ronaldinho both suit my team like a pair of speedos

but one mans medicine is another mans poison and what have you :)

23-10-2003, 07:42
I use 3 5 2... I play with 2 DMF, 2SMF and 1 OMF...

GK. Khan
CB: Nesta
RB: Maldini
DMF: Carlos
DMF: Veron
LMF: Rivaldo
RMF: Totti
OMF: Maradona
CF: Shevchenko
CF: Pele

I find that you need at least 1 DMF because there is a too bigger gap between your midfeild line and defensive line other wise..

24-10-2003, 00:35
pele is on the game ? i didnt know that :S

24-10-2003, 20:01
He's in the classic brazil team.

24-10-2003, 21:22
on Pro Evo 2 i used to play 3 in defence with one DMF, then a line of Four OMF's behind 2 strikers! (Kevin Keegan's got nothing on me!!! lol)

but i really quickly found that wasn't gonna fly on pes3, still play with an edited 3-5-2 but with 2 DMF's (usually Davids and Veron) with 2 side mids and 1 OMF (Raul or Rivaldo) with two strikers (kluivert dropping off as virtually another OMF) and Ronaldo.

hey, works for me!

24-10-2003, 22:13
I Play 4132

GK Buffon
DL Carlos
DC Nesta
DC Cannavaro
DR Thuram
DMC Vieira
AML Ronaldinho
AMC Zidane
AMR Beckham
FC Van Nistelrooy
FC Henry

S1 Cudicini
S2 Maldini
S3 Stam
S4 Melchiot
S5 Davids
S6 Rivaldo
S7 Totti
S8 Vieri

24-10-2003, 23:45
I like Crespo evry1's forgotten him


27-10-2003, 03:39
Almeyda, from argentina, is a very good DMC.

28-10-2003, 18:55
van Bronkhoorst
del Piero

02-11-2003, 21:23
I read all of ur posts and i agree with some and strongly disagree with others. This is my team, the best team - apart from using players from classic teams (e.g. Pele).


Nesta F.Cannavaro R.Carlos


_half way line_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Beckham Rivaldo

Zidane Recoba


many say thats too attacking, but its not. i just beat Juventus 7-0 on 5-star difficulty with it ... in a 20 min match.
the back 3 is solid, dont make them pressure players as it leaves you open for runners.
balotz (who is think is Ballack in real life) is a DMF who is mainly a ball winner, who then i use to spread the ball out wide to rivaldo and beckham. From there i use simple passing and through balls to put henry and shevchenko through 1-on-1 with the keepa - almost always a goal. recoba and zidane have a couple of long range shots and get the odd scorcher.
it is the best team there is so go make it