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02-05-2003, 13:22
I know this tip might sound pretty (b)anal - but remember this:

If your striker is left-footed - then ALWAYS place him on the right side of the pitch. That way you can take a step inwards the pitch and shoot at the goal with greater efficiency.
This especially goes for players like Rivaldo, Vieri and Lopez (Lazio!). If any of these players shoot with their right foot - the shot becomes pretty pathetic.

This also goes for playing defence angaist these players: make them go the right way around your defenders, so they'll have to shoot with their right foot instead of their left!

02-05-2003, 14:24
That's good thinking but I like left footers on the left side so they can cross it too.

Also, if they're on the left, when they take a first time shot from a cross or rebound, as they are facing the goal, it will more likely be on their left foot and so more likely to be successful.

Lobbing with left footers is better on the left side too.

PES Master
10-05-2003, 03:47
It depends on which style you play.

10-05-2003, 12:26
When i am arsenal, i always play Henry on the left, because he likes to cut in and open up his body an slot the ball in the far corner. Very effective :D

11-05-2003, 13:57
Play Henry short and wide on the right. You may need to play your RMF further back to give Henry more space. Because he has such good ball control and killer speed on the dribble, if you can get a quick ball in to him and isolate him one out with a defender, then, with some deft moves, there is a fair chance that you will beat the lone defender and face the goalkeeper one-on-one. Certain goal once this happens....or you would think so!


17-07-2004, 15:04
i play with 3 up front usually with Brazil ........Denilson left wing(for his pace and crossing) Ronaldo Centre forward because he is very good with both feet or sumtyms i play Adriano in the centre because of his height,shot power and strength(hes very affective) and play ronaldo on the right wing 4 his pace n crossing

17-07-2004, 23:02
i usually play with 2 strikers...one of them has high defense and no attacking runs whereas the other has low defense and atacking runs...that way the one with high defense has the possibility of playing through balls to the other since he has to step back because of the high defense thingy and that way one of the midfielders can cause many troubles to the opponents by moving forward!

20-07-2004, 15:54
it depends , sometimes my claudio lopez ( left footed ) always score better one the left side . and i use sukur (galatasaray) as his assister so i edit his position and put him at the right side , just diagonally below lopez

20-07-2004, 16:21
This is an old thread revived if ever I saw one. I always play left footed players on the left. It just makes sense.