View Full Version : My first compilation

24-01-2006, 09:09
My first attempt...a few boring goals in there to fill it out, but I haven't really scored loads of great ones yet....


...First time I've used movie maker too, so sorry about the little bits of crap editing...

24-01-2006, 15:30
I thought the editting was okay, pretty nominal. The goals were okay, there were a few quite nice goalie beating moments dotted around, but i really didn't like reactions of the defence. They seemed to be stationary on most of the goals, that or they walked around. Great long volley at the end by maradona, and like i said before the times you beat the goalie were nice. Music was okay, i reckon maybe you could have instead of ALL the slow motion replays.. slow motion on the ones when the music was slow, and then speed them up when the music went faster. Kinda impact play, u know?

24-01-2006, 17:07
What a nice post...good constructive criticism ...

I put the clips together before adding the music, so I take your point about matching it to the action...something for next time, maybe...

The defenders are rubbish because I'm still playing low levels while I get the hang of all the moves, but hopefully I'll be moving up soon...

Thanks again for taking the time to watch it and to post your reply...


24-01-2006, 20:01
Not bad at all for a first comp. I really liked the music and some of the goals were excellent. That last volley was so nice. Great job!