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28-10-2003, 18:56
Tactics win games, simple as that. When playing against human opposition the best and easiest way to win is by using your formation to the max. It may be stating the obvious to some but to others this could be the difference between winning and losing. Anyway this is what over the course of several drunken years of playing I have learned or at least what I can remember at this moment in time:

1. Position players around the pitch to cover as much area as possible (v.useful for both attack and defence).
2. Use at least 1 defensive midfielder as most of the attacks come through the centre of the pitch, occassionally I will use 3 defensive midfielders around the semi-circle on the halfway line to create a 'ring of steel' which is extremely difficult to get through.
3. Don't just stick to one formation as when it comes time to change (when you get repeatedly thrashed due to the all-new superformation doing the rounds) you will be slow to adjust because you are too reliant on your old defunct formation. Flexibility is the key, especially useful when in need of the elusive goal that just doesn't look like coming.
4. Use the formation to compliment the players available, ie. use the player abilities and star ratings in positions where they will be most effective (ie. crossing with *passing players to *post players etc.), dribbling and shooting ability should be noted for use when that player is on the ball.
5. Use the wings - you don't just have to cross, you can cut back and pass the ball along the edge of the box to one of your attacking midfielders to smack it in or get into the box and to the by-line and cut the ball back or play a through ball across the face of the goal. In PES2 you could even score from ridiculous angles with more often than not the keeper helping it into the net though I haven't as yet scored any of these jammy goals in the new game.

I don't think there is any 100% infallible formation as every single one can be picked off using a bit of thought and a killer through ball. However whether you play 3, 4 or 5 at the back I find that the most effective formations usually revolve around a diamond midfield which is capable of breaking up attacks and setting up counter attacks within seconds. The game is won and lost in midfield, remember that and you won't go too far wrong.

11-02-2004, 06:13
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