View Full Version : Juventus users - which is the best tactic

29-10-2003, 23:17
for all Juventus users:

which is the best tactic to be used?

and which formation?


30-10-2003, 00:01
Don't think it matters, Juventus are so good that any tactic or formation will work a treat but with Davids in holding midfield you could try a more attacking game.

30-10-2003, 00:53
4-3-3 formation. trezequet cf. micolli and di vaio wingers. nedved omf. davids and zambrotta dmf. montero , thuram , iouliano , ferrara cb and buffon as gk.
this formation works perfect for me

30-10-2003, 10:34
I normally use INTER but i dont mind the few matches with The Old Lady - Play 5-3-2 with thuram and zambrotta as wingbacks - Del Peiro is the man i've scored some wonder goals with him, use him up front with Trez then then balance the midfeild with 1 person going forward and the others back Davids and Birindelli are really strong together as DMFs...

30-10-2003, 12:17
Have 3-5-2.

Buffon in goal...Tudor right in the middle and straight at the back of defence...alongside him have ferrara who should be a little to the left to gradualy mark that area...Then have Thuram on the right but push him up just a little so that he can scoop down the right wing from time to time.

Then have Zambrotta playing on the left side just a little in front and at the side of ferrara, so that he has time to get forward at times but defend when needed, make sure he isnt over the halfway line on the little field thing at the side. On the right have Camoranasi who should be just where about Beckham normaly plays. Then have Tacchinardi smack bang in the centre, make sure he is put so he gets back as much as possible...Then have Davids just in front of Zambrotta and then Nedved in front of Tacchinardi but just behind the two front men.

Have Trezerguet and Del upfront. Make sure Del is placed around the 18 yard line while Trezerguet is pushed up around the goal like, dont worry he will get offside sometimes but he will normaly get past this rule and get through on goal one on one.

Bring Di Viao on from time to time fro Trezerguet normaly, he can be very handy when needing someone to rely on.

Hope that helps

30-10-2003, 22:36
In my opinion would be like ford focus' i play 4-3-3 and i put trez in the middle with di vaio and del piero next to trez up front. It works a treat.