View Full Version : ultimate skill with analoghue stick

30-10-2003, 16:19
have you ever wondered if it is possible to use Jay Jay okocha's skill where he flicks the ball over someones head and runs after it??????

Well it is possible on PES3/WE7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

when dribbling (dont sprint, its harder then) Quickly move the right analogue stick down then up, it works the majority of the time - whatever u do dont press the analogue stick down otherwise the player will pass it.

Hope this helps you.....
......and remember DOWN THN UP & DOWN PRESS IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!

31-10-2003, 06:00
Nice idea but just don't put 2 threads about the same thing.

Big Shoota
02-11-2003, 17:16
Thats nuthin new, I worked that out on the demo m8 :) . Its good because you can tee the ball up for a volley or half-volley, but then the shot ALWAYS goes off target. Try it and see what I mean. :D

03-11-2003, 22:45
Cheers shoota

tryed the volley thing and failed miserably at it, icouldnt elieve Henry could hit a shot so wide!!!!!!!

05-11-2003, 17:51
How to do the overhead flick, cause the opposite direction doesn't work by me???

08-11-2003, 21:36
I did it and scored a 25 yarder into the top corner with a half volley....YES GET IN!!!!
Tried again loadsa times and failed