View Full Version : link to a site that describes how to kick, run, dibble etc ....

30-10-2003, 20:16

I'm new to pes3 and pes in general. I love this game but I am a little bit frustrated because the other players or even the computer beat me even in 3 stars.

I have no time to practice because I accepted a little tournament ... I don't want to be blasted.

A quick course could help me !


31-10-2003, 06:10
The best tactic i found was just to pass a lot and used to play on 3 stars about 2 weeks ago and now i play on 4/5 stars. JUST PASS!

01-11-2003, 18:24
i have a section on my site which has the tricks, free kick basics and some basic beginner info, www.winning-evolution.tk , go to the masterclass / tricks section to see it.

01-11-2003, 23:33
very nice tips there zer0 exelent videos os the flicks..but tell you something mate if do a video for all the skills it would be 10/10