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16-05-2003, 14:30
I am playing Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution.

Anyone playing PES2 Please don't post here because the two games are different...

Anyway, jut got the game. I havent played any ISS games since ISS evolution on PS1..

I play mainly 2 player against a friend. When I get offensive, he tends yo hold back a lot meaning he always has 5 or 6 players crowded round the 18 yard line so I find it hard to break him down. Whenever I do get a shot in, it always ends up being a cross shot goal, and the keeper always does a gay dive (not even full stretch) and catches it.

In the old games i used to braek down defenses using 1-2s, or using triangle for through ball. Both features are totally raped in this game, and our matches have decended into loads of hit and hope R2+O crosses from out wide.

Anyone got good advice on breaking down defensive players, and scoring good clean goals through the middle?

Also, when you do get one on one and they use triangle to charge the keeper out L1+Square, square--->R1, and even back+Square are all totally ruined as well.. the ball ALWAYS seems to go either too high, or if you put the power on low, it goes diagonally and creeps just wide! SO annoying!

17-05-2003, 02:05
I suggest you use players who have red or yellow form arrows up front to increase success of the chances you create.

Crossing is good in the game so time headers well with the appropriate direction, or look to head it with X towards a free player in the box who can head or volley it at goal.

If you use a fast striker, you should be able to get at least one decent through ball to him and if he's one-on-one with the keeper, you R2 and a quick change in direction to dribble around the keeper and take a shot at the empty net but make sure the player faces the right way and is on his stronger side or he can hit the side netting or miss completely.

Make your opponent concede free kicks around the box and punish him with well-practiced free kicks.

Do you use a variety of teams or mostly the same ones?
Good luck!

17-05-2003, 09:51
saying no1 with pes2 reply is stupid since the general gameplay is the same.

the on-two system is not ruined at all mate..... its TEN times better. you can now control when you pass back to him and everything meaning he can run further into space and everything. just press the one-two button, then when ur player has found some space return the ball with either a pass or lob, great!

ok, now that you through on goal, the keeper will probably be coming rushing out to meet you. here you have 3 options.

1. Lob it over him using the "double tap" technique which you should have turned on in the control config.
2. tap the shot so that it rolls under the keeper, or rolls far enough round him into the corner.
3. take it around the goalkeeper using either the dummy shot (shot button then lob button simultaneously) or by pressing r2 (or whatever it is on ur game, the button that quickly shifts the ball either left or right) to nock it past him and then slip it on.

17-05-2003, 12:18
I think that the shots between the two game are slightly different as in WE6:FE it is easier to blast too high and if you tap shoot, instead of a powerful low shot, it has an almost pass-like ball to the keeper.

17-05-2003, 12:44
Zygalski, I agree totally.. a lot of shots end up being almost passed at the keeper, and just a *tiny* bit of extra power sees it going invariably skimming outside the far upright.

I have found the only goals that are reliable are headers, ordribbling it round the keeper and rolling it in or passing it to the free man.

I use all sorts of teams.. if it helps, I found it VERY difficult to play with Germany, Nigeria, and Turkey.

Teams I am more successful with are Franc Brazil etc. Cameroon, Czech Republic, Celtic, Arsenal..

I don't think the key has been down to pace up front though.. I find positioning the most important thing cos you can only control the player with the ball directly.. I find a lot that I get the ball to the front man then I am one on five with nobody to pass to, and have to do about ten cruyff turns before anyone joins me up front.

saying no1 with pes2 reply is stupid since the general gameplay is the same.

No its not, the two games are very different in important ways. The one-two system is NOT ten times better, especially if you ever played ISS evolution 2 on PS1.. one-twos were deady on that game. The main problem I have is after playing the L1+X ball the player releasing it does not run into space.. so its just like a normal pass.

17-05-2003, 16:06
Here's a few ideas. Hope something here helps.

Instead of using the one-two move, try using the one where you pass then press R2 to make the passer run forward. I use this much more than the standard one-two and it works great.

Try using 2 or 3 strikers and give them and possibly the OMFs attacking attitude arrows towards the opponents goal so they get forward more.
Also try with putting the team attack attitude in the strategy options to 'Auto-Attack' and see how it goes.
When you attack, manually put the little colour bar under the player name to red using L2 + R1 to attack in numbers.

Alternatively, you can move the strikers manually a little forward in position edit.

Experiment with the Counter Attack strategy.

The teams you use should do well. What player form arrows do you use?

17-05-2003, 17:51
To be honest with you I don't know very much about the way the deeper strategy stuff works, especially form arrows and attitude.. All I really do in tactics is subs, positioning, formation and kick takers..

I didn't know that L2+R1 made the players attack in numbers, or that R2 (tap or hold) after a pass with X made the passer make a run..

Do you know of a guide/article/FAQ that has a complete list of moves and manual strategy instructions? Obviously cos Im playing FE and not PES2 I have no manual...

I'll definately give your advice a go though, thanks.

17-05-2003, 21:47
Getting to know the strategies can help out. There's lots of info on it around.

L2 and R1 make the team attack attitude move towards red which is full attack
and L2 and R2 make it go to a more defensive mode which is blue.
They change around themselves so keep track of them. If you need people getting forward it should be on Yellow or Red.

There are some moves for WE6:FE here (http://www.issextreme.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=3299&)

18-05-2003, 00:54
I think that in most cases it all comes down to using the right tactics. I've made three different tactics myself which i use with great success.
One tactic is all about advancing up the middle of the pitch.
The second one is all about using the wings,
and the last is a bit more all round with four defenders instead of three. (I usually use three forwards and only three defenders).

Sometimes i play against teams that doesn't cover the wings = my wings get all the room they want.
If i play against a team that have strong wings themselves, then i concentrate my forward play down the middle of the pitch.

It's most important that you "get to know your tactic in your sleep". Meaning you always know where your players are, so you don't have to go looking for them when you want to make a pass. Just pass the ball without thinking much about it because you that you'll have a player there.

Fast short-passes between your players ("Ajax-style") is probably one of the very best ways to split open the opposition.

Good luck ;)

18-05-2003, 01:04
Using the Wide camera view can help with passing too.

18-05-2003, 02:36
OH I forgot!!!
Come in from the corners of the penaltybox and aim for the opposite corner of the goal.
Making these diagonal shots are pretty effective.

If you come straight at the goal, then just before you take a shot at goal, make a little turn to either the left or right and shoot. This usually catches the keeper on the wrong foot.

06-02-2004, 18:07