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27-04-2006, 18:37
A great addition to Fernando's v2 wip translation patch...

How to Apply:

Open this patch with DKZ 0.91public beta or higher!

This can be applied to an.iso image or the extracted files

Its best to patch with fernando v2 patch then use this after.

- Load the patch in DKZ Studio

- Goto Patch > Apply patch in folder(for extracted files)
Apply patch in Image(for an iso file)

- Wait for changes and then burn

- The slpm provided is optional i updated so all club teams are in english letters

Enjoy :)

Whats done so far:

-All Playable national teams 100% translate
-All club teams 100% translate
-Most of the "other" euro teams and Sao Paulo, River Plate & Boca Juniors have "real" names
(Info taken from www.footballsquads.co.uk (http://www.footballsquads.co.uk))

Need to do:

-Nippon mode national teams
-Hidden players
-Classic teams
-Int. Challenge teams

NOTE: Dont moan about false names if u see mistake post a message in the thread and i will include in the v2 update.

DOWNLOAD (http://www.savefile.com/files/4450756) (1.2 MB)

...thanks jayz123. :w00t

28-04-2006, 02:23
once i patch it with fernando v2 and then use this one. should i use rammstones v.02 with this or will this be adequete.

28-04-2006, 07:48
Thanks a lot, but could u add a link to DKZ 0.91public bec. I can't find except DKZ 0.92 which is only in Spanish.

28-04-2006, 08:57
good..is it possible if someone uploads it on another website..i cant seem to download from this one =/ !

28-04-2006, 09:54
here you are, i hope you can download from rapidshare
http://rapidshare.de/files/19025234/_savefile_060426202722_we10_Pl ayers_Names_v1__jayz123.rar.ht ml

28-04-2006, 17:02
thanks mate =)