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28-04-2006, 03:30
Originally from evo-web.co.uk :
Hi Bootlovers,

Here is a collection of some editables boots made by some of evo-webs most creative bootmakers.
I did NOT make any of these boots myself its a bootcollection from diffrent bootmakers,
so first of all a huge thanks to bootmakers Tim7, Rocky5 & Perumaniaco, WEman and racecaR

UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS: download the files below and follow this guide
1.Open DkZ Studio (0.92)
2.Open your WE10 0_TEXT.AFS
3.Go to file 05174.bin (its in block 6)
4.Rightclick on the file and choose "import"
5.Now import my 05174.bin (bootpack) that you downloaded
6.After that save a new 0_TEXT.AFS
7.Now open the new afs in Game Graphic Studio and import file 05300.bin (white colour palette) over the old one

See pictures for the layercodes (included in downloadfile).
For boots using Stencilslot, choose the "Both sides" option

The white colour palette was made by racecaR.

This is my first bootpack attempt, I'm uploading it until someone more experienced makes us a WE10 editable bootpack... so please no requests as I dont know how to make boots :)

--> DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T2V7NPLW <--
--> Mirror: http://rapidshare.de/files/19102030/_PS2__WE10_nemro_s_editable_bo otpack_mix.rar.html <--


Boot 1, Nike MVIII (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Henry, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic

Boot 2, adidas +Predator Absolute (From Tim7s bootpack, bootmaker Perumaniaco)
worn by: Zidane, Lampard, Kaka, Vieira

Boot 3, Nike AZT III (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Rooney, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos

Boot 4, Nike Legend (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Ronaldinho, Pirlo, van Nistelrooy, Emerson

Boot 5, Puma v1.06 (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Eto'o, Ljungberg, Buffon

Boot 6, adidas +F50 Tunit (bootmakers Rocky5 & Perumaniaco based on new fixed WE10 Tunits)
worn by: Trezeguet, Robben, Messi, Forlan

Boot 7, adidas F50+ (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Del Piero =)

Boot 8, Lotto Zhero+ (bootmaker Tim7, & used a layer by WEman)
worn by: Luca Toni, Camoranesi, van Bronkhorst

Boot 9, Diadora Attiva Plus (bootmakers Rocky5 & Perumaniaco)
worn by: Totti, Mancini, Kaladze, Giannicheda

Boot 10, Mizunu Morelia (bootmaker Tim7)
worn by: Aimar, Kluivert, (Sheva)

Boot 11, Umbro Xai (bootmakers Rocky5 & Perumaniaco) until someone makes the new Xai IV ;)
before worn by: Terry, Owen, Deco

Boot 12, Uhlsport Precision Composite (bootmakers Rocky5 & Perumaniaco)
worn by: Pavel Nedved =)

Boot 13, RBK StrikeZone Pro (bootmaker racecaR)
worn by: Giggs, Casillas...

Sorry about the pictures quality, better than nothing :lmao:

Finally big thanks to obocaman for providing the tools and all bootmakers on evo-web who keeps bringing us all these kickass boots:
Tim7, Rocky5 & Perumaniaco, WEman, racecaR, Chiztopher, TroBT, PIKA, Yogui and everyone else I forgot to mention here :applause:


28-04-2006, 03:59
Nice! Love the lottos!

28-04-2006, 05:24
I like the Uhlsports, first time I seen dem.

28-04-2006, 05:36
Thank you, much appreciated

28-04-2006, 05:43
Thank you, much appreciated

What did you have to with it, are you some type of glory hog or something.:angry:

28-04-2006, 06:24
Who me? Absolutely not, just spreading the patch...

28-04-2006, 17:31
I was saying thankyou to dark_shadow89 for making the bootpack, and the making of the bootpack is much appreciated by me.

28-04-2006, 19:57
I cant seem to be able to import the unnamed_5300.bin file with game graphic studio i keep getting error messages... can someone plzzz help????????

28-04-2006, 22:16
I like the editable boot packs, especially when theyre good quality boots and not shiters.

29-04-2006, 15:27
I cant take the credit - it was compiled by nemro, I'm just spreading it around :D

@dus: check ur inbox.

EDIT: To everyone that CANT patch it:

1) Make iso from dvd (used dvd decrypter)
2) use dkz studio v0.92BETA to open the iso (you can patch ur game with fernando's patch at this stage, using ppf-o-matic.
3) extracted iso files into a folder.
4) If you wish to patch the game with other patches, such as higg's Emblems, etc, this is the step. Simply use dkz studio's "patch" option (on top toolbar), and patch the folder with ur game files in it.
5) then use dkz studio to open the 0_TEXT.afs file (in the folder u extracted ur game .iso to)
6) on teh far upper right corner, there's a drop down menu thing, with a "1" displayed, click it, and select "6". YOu should see a large number of folders in ur .afs file - look for the one named "unnamed_05174.bin", and import the bootpack's unnamed_05174.bin file on top of it. It will then tell u that u need to build a new 0_TEXT.afs (if it doesnt, still build it).
7) Open the new 0_TEXT.afs with Games Graphics Studio 6.1.1, (if it asks about artificial subfolders, click yes) and open the "5300-5399" folder. The first .bin file u'll see is unnamed_5300.bin. Simply right-click on it, and select "import a file over this one", and select the bootpack's unnamed_5300.bin file" It should now patch the 0_TEXT.afs file with teh new .bin file.
8) Now simply rebuild ur game's folder into an .iso file, with the new 0_TEXT.afs file (move or delete the old one) using Nero, or similar, and burn using dvd decrypter (i suggest on 1x for proper burning).
9) That's it! You ca now play!!!

29-04-2006, 16:43
can this patch be applied with Jonboyos new mix patch? like so i would have this bootpack patch + his patch? cheers..

30-04-2006, 01:42
I really dont know, but the way I'd go about doing it is to apply fernanado's and then jonboyo's patch first using ppf-o-matic, then proceed to step 3) in the steps I listed in my other post.

30-04-2006, 02:09
cheers gonna give it a try when i get my PS2 back on Wed. :)

05-08-2006, 13:30
can these be used in pes5