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28-04-2006, 16:10
This goal was scored on my ML with Barcelona, i was playing Real Betis and Ronaldinho scored 4 goals and got one assist to make it 5-1 to me. This is just one of the goals he scored, it was incredible how good he was playing, the computer couldnt tackle him when he ran at them, in my opinion he is best player on pes5 :)
Comments please. Enjoy.


28-04-2006, 16:11
That was sexy, love taking freekicks

28-04-2006, 16:33
Nice one.

I haven't tampered with Dinho's abilities in my option file so i haven't been able to score an FK with him. With that silly 70ish points he has i always come close even when i get the bar to the perfect height. If that's the case with you then it must have been very enjoyable to to hit that one, specially from such a distance.

28-04-2006, 16:34
Nice goal. :cool:

28-04-2006, 16:40
ye it was very enjoyable lol, i havnt messed with his settings, most freekicks i take with Deco but Ron was on a hatrick, so i just hit and hoped.

28-04-2006, 17:55
Great goal, mate. Strange actually because I was playing as Barca the other week and Ronnie got 5 goals in a 6-0 drubbing of Sociedad, similar to how Ronnie got four in your game.

28-04-2006, 17:58
good goal. i dont use ronnie when it comes to freekicks he is too hard to use. when im barca i use deco or van bommel

29-04-2006, 10:31
peach of a goal mate!

29-04-2006, 10:43
that was a good top corner free kick. love doing those.. just it's hard to do it since indirects are so mcuh easier to score. =/

06-05-2006, 19:00
classic Ronaldinho goal.