View Full Version : HELP !!! Club Free Transfers !!!

03-11-2003, 17:38
Hey guys, I need re-assurance.

Please can anyone tell me whether you can register created players into a club team, and if so, how?!?!

Cheers. :confused:

03-11-2003, 17:53
to register players from club to club you need to unlock it in the pes shop by earning 10000 pes points.

once you have done this click on 'edit player' then 'register player' then u have the options to put international players on club teams and vice versa.

and also to transfer players between clubs.

hope it helps :D

03-11-2003, 18:30
Cheers for the help giggsy, but I have already purchased the option for 10000 points, and have done the tranfers between the clubs. My dilemma is that I don't know how to register players I have created, eg.myself into a club team, eg.Leeds. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?

03-11-2003, 18:39
no u can't put created players on a club team.

but heres a tip.

transfer some of the pes united and we united players on to liverpool then edit them to any new players u want,like you.