View Full Version : [Req] How To Put An Edited Kit in ML

25-05-2006, 00:44
how can i put an edited kit like italian kit in the ML team when i choose "create Original team" does anyone know

15-07-2006, 14:10
What part of

File Downloads (NO QUESTIONS)

don't you understand? Anyway, I don't think a patched kit can go into the master league, unless you were to select the team with the patched kit as you starting team.

I suggest you read the rules, yeah? Thanks.

14-01-2007, 00:07
NO NO, Revert is wrong!
You can put kits in master league, the numbers you substitute is between 221 and 253 i think, and you substitute the kits of the teams like Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Brazilian all stars, etc...but I dont have the list right now...

14-01-2007, 00:27
Here is the list:

221,"ML Original Team\ML United"
222,"ML Original Team\AC Maestore"
223,"ML Original Team\AS Victoire"
224,"ML Original Team\CA Especialista"
225,"ML Original Team\Bravona"
226,"ML Original Team\FC Aries"
227,"ML Original Team\FC Taurus"
228,"ML Original Team\AC Gemini"
229,"ML Original Team\AS Cancer"
230,"ML Original Team\AC Leo"
231,"ML Original Team\AS Virgo"
232,"ML Original Team\Libra FC"
233,"ML Original Team\Scorpio FC"
234,"ML Original Team\FC Sagittarius"
235,"ML Original Team\AS Capricorn"
236,"ML Original Team\AC Aquarius"
237,"ML Original Team\Pisces FC"
238,"ML Original Team\WE Japan"
239,"ML Original Team\Italian All-Stars"
240,"ML Original Team\English All-Stars"
241,"ML Original Team\Dutch All-Stars"
242,"ML Original Team\Spanish All-Stars"
243,"ML Original Team\Germany All-Stars"
244,"ML Original Team\French All-Stars"
245,"ML Original Team\Argentinian All-Stars"
246,"ML Original Team\Brazilian All-Stars"
247,"ML Original Team\AS Mohican"
248,"ML Original Team\FC Magerio"
249,"ML Original Team\Longuedez"
250,"ML Original Team\Bosedez"
251,"ML Original Team\Maccingami FC"
252,"ML Original Team\Wakame'73"
253,"ML Original Team\Waketenaze'91"