View Full Version : A few of my best goals

22-06-2006, 23:48
Scored a few blinders in the past and just thought i would share them, there not in a compilation but in a .rar file, didnt know where else to put it as i couldnt be bothered to upload each one, sorry for the inconvinence....

Feedback would also be nice...

The first few were scored against my nephew while he was staying over the night, the rest are on my ML except the last one which was scored online...

Thanks for watching :)

23-06-2006, 00:05
uuuh where's the link?

26-06-2006, 14:45
lmfao, would of been an idea to put a link on there wouldnt it lol, sorry bout that, was uploading them at the time and completely forgot, anyways, here it is:


26-06-2006, 20:07
pretty nice goals! :D

took a long time to download lol

26-06-2006, 20:34
Why wont you people upload it at www.putfile.com?

its the best anyway:D