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16-11-2003, 02:47
can anybody help me on defending and tackling in general on pro evo 3. i play on 5 star and alot of the tackles i get in either make the ball go out of play or go back to the opposition. any tactics or genral tips would be great!

16-11-2003, 07:34
Play on 1 star. :P
Nah sorry mate cant really help you with that, everythings great for me on 5 star. I use the x button to tackle mostly.

16-11-2003, 18:19
use sliding.

100th post! yeah! i kick ass!

16-11-2003, 19:30
i use the holding square and X technique, it calls in a spare defender and you have two against one situations

19-11-2003, 02:16
If the attacker receives it with his back to goal, don't get too tight, he'll turn you and you won't catch up. Drop of a little, to make room to choose when to make a proper tackle rather than a wild lunge.

If your chasing him, try not to just run up his back (unless the best you can hope to do is slow him while you call for more support), nip inside to try and screen him away from danger as you start to catch him.

Bring in across a supporting DF or MF with the SQUARE button, he'll be more likely to come in from a helpful angle to tackle.

Then, while trying to screen your own goal or the angle for a cross, chip away at the attacker with the X button.

I find L2 seems to make the tackler lean into the player in possession, but it can get you bookings if you're tackling the attacker like that from behind, while chasing him. But this is just my impression of what's going on.

[Does L2 have a similar effect in possession - screening against tackles? Or do I ride those tackles because while I'm pressing L2, I'm not pressing the other shoulder buttons and loosing control that way?]

The tutorial in the Game Training feature goes through the button controls.

Mind you, I don't play 5*.

19-11-2003, 23:11
cellini's explanation will probably help most, but i use the square/X technique and hardly concede goals unless i'm being daft and playing 8 up front!

20-11-2003, 01:30
Thanks, I was running through them almost as preferences. I forgot to mention I'm sprinting like a [email protected] to close down, using R1.

I tend to set up in Team Formation using Defence System - Line, and under List Team settings put Line and Offside to A so a lot of opponents attacks break down at the first stage.

Also Zone Press down to C to avoid chasing the ball and having the defence getting sucked in by a cunning playmaker in the opposition midfield.

The Defensive midfielders can make a big difference, I set one's Mark Settings to CV - covering, and his movement in Attack to cover the pitch from side to side. I did set Defence awaress to High, but I think they tend to sit too deep then.

He's there to break up attacks before they hit the back line, and I put him beside a more attacking partner (still DMF, but looking for passing, dribbling, playmaking skills) with his Attack directins set forward.
e.g. Keane & Valeron covering three Centrebacks.

21-11-2003, 10:28
Ive given up on defending...my moto is just to score more then the opponent dont worry bout conceeding goals ...i play on 5* i tried every technique to defend..and none seem to work..mat philips do you mean hold x and square together..or hold square bring another defender then press x. I notice every time i press x..the opponeent goes the opposite to which my leg stood out for the tackle. Also when the cpu quickly chages direction..i follow and i end up going between the player and the ball. When is the best time to press x to the opponent..close,very close..hold back ..then dive and press x? I find in nearly impossible to steal the ball on a 1-1 situation i need atealst 2-3 players.

21-11-2003, 15:56
just move back move back untill he make his move, then i tact him. by the time he is about to make his move, i would have plenty of players back.. unless he release a cracker from 30m

22-11-2003, 00:48
I tried a few 5* games - Classic Brazil vs Classic England.

The main difference in the opposition seemed to be how physical they were in tackling especially in midfield (picked up 2 injuries in the 1st half of one game), and then springing forward as soon as they've won possession.

They rarely broke through using passing moves, but took maximum advantage of my own mistakes, like sloppy passing in midfield.

I'd say controlled passing to keep possession is the first priority with opposition at that standard, otherwise the defence will dumped deep in it by their midfield team-mates so often, they're just run ragged.

I think the X + Square thing is to keep chipping away with X if your close enough (tackling), while the top of your thumb is leaning on the Square button (calling over a team mate). I tend to be printing with R1 at the same time.

Maybe it's the angle that matters most, where you try to nip in, and then steal away with the ball. Given time I try to avoid head on tackles (vulnerable to a side-step, and if you get passed your lost), or from behind (bookings). Instead I try dropping off the opponent, then nip in using X and L2.

(I still think L2 leans into the player and makes the challenge more physical, and then helps you shield the ball from tackles - but that's my impression, I don't think anyone else has a use for L2 apart from setting team Attack/Defence levels - ???)

Then try to escape with the ball still using L2, or switch to L1 or R2 to change direction.

27-11-2003, 13:33
defending is something i cant do by myself but when me and my mate are on the same team defense is our forte... we had a 2 v 2 competition with some mates and conceeded 1 goal in 9 matches and averaged 2 - 3 a match (in the scoring department)...