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18-11-2003, 17:33
Before i buy it from the pes shop, just wondering if you can turn it on and off and how.
It probably sounds a stupid question but when i played another football game, cant remember the name, some old shit thing like Adidas Power Soccer or soemthing, once you got it, you couldnt turn it off and it was fucking horrible. Couldnt use it at all. Please tell me more about. Thanks alot.

18-11-2003, 20:32
It is turned on and off during matches, and you can do this as many times as you want.

Which is just as well, because it's rubbish. It's just the players running around really, really fast, and you have basically no control over them. Can be fun when playing the game with mates, but against the computer there is really no point in using it.

A bit of a waste of PES Points, if you ask me.

asher b
18-11-2003, 21:28
its dissapointing, in the previews before the release of we7/pes3 many people thought and were hoping that it would be a slider that allowed you to change the pace of the game to your liking (like on the old iss games) but instead we get this shit!

19-11-2003, 01:11
Use it for practice. After getting used to playing the game in double speed, you'll feel like the game is moving on slow motion in normal speed.

19-11-2003, 01:42
Horrible for game play.

The only use I could think for it was having gone a goal up in a game, use it to get the game over with - to speed through long tournaments or leagues, clocking up PES pts.

Even that would be better if the game stayed normal speed and the clock sped up.

But the biggest waste of points has to be ball effect, why couldn't it be Ball Type to change its colour and pattern.

25-11-2003, 02:39
Been playing on double speed over the weekend and it is quite strange. So easy to skin your opponent with Owen or Henry but shooting is a bollocks as it's just too easy to blaze it over the bar.

25-11-2003, 22:10
It is wierd, and it slows down from Double towards Normal speed whenever the ball gets away from the players.

As if time were simply a fourth dimension, that could be stretched and shortened, like the spatial properties of solid elastic object :rolleyes:

Actually, with some sneaky use of Player Settings, you can just manage the teams through a Cup tournament and let them tear into each other at Double Speed - only having to intervene and slow the game down if your own side go behind.

With matches set to 5mins, it's the quickest way I can think of to clock up those PES pts and fill up the trophy cabinet

But such bad sportsmanship!

27-11-2003, 02:41
yup but an easy way to earn points