View Full Version : Where are the best patches??Where they gone??

23-12-2006, 11:40
Hi i open this thread beacuse i want to say and ask something. Who can forgotten the Pro 5 or WE 10,month after when game was started was a lot of superb patch like WEmerica, or a lot of patches. We have a December a Pro 6 was revealed in September, so where are really good patch for PRO 6 the best of the football game. People comon and show class, all patchmaker make a the best patch wchich world ever seen. Thanks all and PEace
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 fan

23-12-2006, 18:01
The File Downloads section is for the posting of threads containing patches and other file downloads. The Editing Questions sections are for the asking of questions. Do not post questions in the File downloads section.

You had best read the rules mate ;).