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11-02-2007, 17:44
Hey guys,

I was in the first negotiaton period and my I forgot to offer certain players new contracts it said breakdown I thought crap I'm gonna lose them but then I get to the first game of the 2nd half of the season and I still have them will they leave at the end of the season or will I be able to offer them new deals?

The Messiah
11-02-2007, 18:01
I think they leave @ the end of the season.

11-02-2007, 21:33
Aw man that sux, Cheers mate

11-02-2007, 21:39
no,thats wrong,you will be able to offer them new contracts at the end of the season,if not then you can get them again on a free!

The Messiah
11-02-2007, 21:50
Who are you gonna believe? pro evo master or The Devil? ;)

11-02-2007, 22:19
Well its too late now anyway I restarted the master league. Damn!!!!

BTW Devil love the sig ;)

The Messiah
11-02-2007, 22:33
It's cold eh? ;)

11-02-2007, 22:48
lord of the underworld who is that in ur avatar?

The Messiah
11-02-2007, 22:51
She's taken mate, by a well hung bastard.