View Full Version : theres the overhead kick its a GOOOAAALLL

10-12-2003, 19:54
Ive manage to score one with sammi hyypia apsolute gold! you can only score them with luck!

11-12-2003, 17:30
you don't just score them from luck there is a special way of scoring them i can score them all the time. what i do is i just double square when the ball arrives in the box and it does an amazing overhead kick.

11-12-2003, 17:35
I have never scored an over-head kick once on any of the pes's but i have scored scissor kicks

11-12-2003, 22:42
I scored a overhead with Henry the other day, I went crazy coz i hadn't scored one since ISS'98

12-12-2003, 05:10
The secret is that as soon as the ball is just about to come, double tap the [ ] button and it should fire in!

13-12-2003, 03:32
no u guys are worng, it aint about the double tapping of SQUARE u must be thinking of Fifa (excuse my language!) Volleys are all about the angle of the cross and where the ball is positioned in relation to where your player is standing or facing!

14-12-2003, 02:24

asher b
14-12-2003, 02:30
i think its a combination of positioning, pace on the ball and height on the ball. but if u double tap square seems to volley it more, and if the ball is behind it will attempt an overhead i think.

15-12-2003, 22:43
I must join this celebration as I scored my first scissor kick last night. Owen swung it in from the right, past the far post to Pele. The young lad from Brazil rose like a salmon and volleyed it back past the keeper into the bottom right corner. I went so crazy I pressed start by mistake and was unable to save the reply....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

18-12-2003, 20:17
Double tapping [ ] will simply push the shot power button up, it won't affect the type of shot, the position of ball and player will determin the type of shot...

19-12-2003, 21:23
i scored a top goal with nedved. chipped through ball past the defence and wham ! :P any one want to see a video of it ??

19-12-2003, 22:10
i'll have a look...

22-12-2003, 02:36
will get it online as soon as i can mate

03-01-2004, 00:37
Difficult to score the overheads as you've to be in the correct position at the correct time. If you ain't then you'll end up with a scissors kick or a weak header.

03-01-2004, 21:06
It's just positioning and being in the right place at the right time.

If you cross the ball in and it is slightly infront of the defender (with his back to goal) he will usually try an overhead kick.

I scored my first overhead kick on PES3 in the first week I got it.

Outside the area with Lucio, bar and in.

03-01-2004, 21:47
was trying them last night, got a few but they all went over the bar. boo hoo.

03-01-2004, 22:36
anyone got a vid, as someone mentioned youll end up with a scissor kick if you mistime it im not sure what the henry goal in my sig is, an overhead or a scissors as its the only type ive seen

08-01-2004, 23:29
it is mainly just the right ball at the right height and ur player positioned right and the biggy... the timing...

31-01-2004, 08:10
hold R1+R2 and move the receiver when the cross comes in. Make sure that he is closer to the goal than the ball, in other words the ball is behind the player, then, if you are in the right position, then pressing the square button should do an overhead kick.