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11-12-2003, 18:23
Why is it that more often than not - my defenders will hoof the ball out for a corner (just missing an OG), when they could have clearly booted it out for a throw/open play??

I try pressing different buttons ([] & O), but both have the same effect. I know the 'if in doubt' rule, but one day, they're just gonna blast it into the net, which will probably result in me putting my foot thru my TV.

Any help is appreciated :)

Clock Ender
12-12-2003, 15:55
yep, this is an annoyanvce.

In PES2, you could just hit [] and no matter which way the defender was facing, he'd manage to boot it upfield. This was quite unrealistic as times especially when the defender was facing towards his own goal.

Nokami seems to have over compensated for this in PES3. The only way I can get a good upfield clearance is if the defender is actually facing directly upfield. Even when he facing the sideline and I try to use the stick to direct the clearance upfield, the ball is generally 'passed' out for a corner. And given the COM's unerring ability to score from corners when the they are either losing or scorces are level, it becomes a double source of frustration!

So no answers, only sympathy!

15-12-2003, 22:50
Personally I ALWAYS pass it out of the danger zone, no long balling it in my team thank you very much.

16-12-2003, 20:58
There's a routine about clearing from defence in the Training section (main menu), its under Beginners Lesson.

It suggests there is a right and a wrong time to hoof the ball out of defence - I still tend to use [] based on old PES2 habits. I think it depends mostly on the availability of your MF and FW players to receive the ball.

If you can get a yard of space, O works well enough to knock it high for your CF to challenge their DF in the air, but if the opposing player wins that and your defence is rushing out, you're vulnerable to being turned by a sharp pass to a quick CF.

I tend to look for a short pass to one of my DMF players - one will usually have tracked the attacker back into defence, the other should be somewhere between the 'D' and the centre-circle. They may be able to turn, but as often as not I'll lay the ball off to a DF or his DMF partner in space, now coming out and facing the right way.

Otherwise, move it to the flank where there's usually more space and look to run it out a little, then knock it to your SMF, or the DMF if he's available inside.

17-12-2003, 16:50
i perfer to pass unless i am under a lot of pressure like i should have had a goal scored against me then i long ball it..

03-12-2009, 21:03
good stuff

30-12-2009, 19:58
If it is not possible to clear the ball, why not trying a short pass to the most suitable receiver, that works for me. I kinda like the idea that Konami has made it more realistic, cause i think the positioning of the body b4 a shot is very important and realistic.

16-01-2010, 08:20
Thnx. Cellini.