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08-06-2007, 22:24
Nack22's commentary was said to be about 90% complete when
released. It's unknown if Nack22 will release a complete version.
Even so the commentary is great as it is, I recommend it...
especially since Ranabir has been fine tuning it...

all info in the quote found below is as originally
posted by Ranabir over @ evo-web.

included downloads within quote;
Rana's Updates for Nack22's FIFA Commentary
Nack22's PES6 FIFA Commentary
Commentators Name patch (Timo)

FIFA commentary Updated.
Hello,I had been using NACK's FIFA commentary.
During offside goals,same side goals and in replays,
the old commentaries weren't replaced.
So here's a little update.Just apply the patch over NACK's e_sound.afs.

NB. Update 1.0 is deleted from this post because Update 2.0 is a
betterment of 1.0;callnames of 1.0 are same as in 2.0 and only
diiference is the agony of own goals thats been changed to
perfection in update 2.0.So dont bother about Update 1.0,
it gives you nothing.

http://www.speedyshare.com/430920542.html (Update 2.0)

Whats in Update 2.0?
The Own goal expression and emotion are corrected.
(Earlier in some cases after an own goal,Andy would say in some
cool calm words in update 1.0,here's he screams in agony.)
Some player callnames are corrected.
Makele,Terry,Cannavaro has new FIFA callnames, even though
Terry is "This is Terry",and Cannavaro is "This is Cannavaro".
"Its a Lampard now" is changed to "Its Lampard Now".

Update 3.0x:

Update 3.01 contains previous update 2.0 as well as new updates
whereas Update 3.02 contains only new updates.So inorder to apply
update 3.01 you need to apply on the Nacks' commentary patch,
and Update 3.02 needs 2.0 to be applied before this is applied.

What's New in this Update?
This replaces Robert Keys Welcome speech by Andy.
It has new callnames for Salgado,Kaka',Seedrof,Reina,Ro binson,Raul,
Alan Smith(along with the previous Lampard,Makelele,Terry,Cannava ro).

NB: If you haven't installed any one of my updates,just dl 3.01,
that will update evrything.If you have 2.0 patch, then only
download 3.02.Remember 3.01=3.02+2.0 patch.
Hope you like this too.

Update 3.01:
Update 3.02:

Update 4.0:
http://files.filefront.com//;7260371;;/ NEW LINK
N.B. You must apply this update upon my previous updates,that is,
apply either upon (Nack+2.0+3.02) or (Nack+3.01).

Update 5.0:
N.B. Apply the patch over previously installed updates.
============================== ============================== =
============================== ============================== =

NACK22 FIFA comm DL link:

Patch to change the Commentators name during display
(Trevor and Peter's name changed to Clive and Andy).(Credit to Timo)


HUGE thanks go to Ranabir, NACK22 and all involved...

17-08-2007, 13:17
Hi i'm new here and as i haven't used any of these commentary patches before should i just use patch 5.0

17-08-2007, 16:22
can someone convert this to a MAX DRIVE please


20-08-2007, 14:37
has it got an guide on how to patch it...

thanks alot

29-09-2007, 13:00
@ J.Milner, sorry mate there's no patch 5, ONLY update 5.0 for you to apply to Nack's commentary.

@ S-10, what you ask cannot be done.

@ 6666, to apply main patch (NACKS comentary) you require DKZ Studio,
this will patch the original e_sound.afs.
Once main patch has been applied repeat process with the updates.

24-04-2008, 13:07
Hi, Ive downloaded the full file and installed it.
Using DKZ i can patch all the updates exept 3.01.

For some reason file 3.01 ? unpacks itself in to 96 files.
How do I patch it? cos it just wants to either place it as seperate files in the DAT folder or create a new folder.

Any clues would be appreciated.