View Full Version : i have a problem about champions league

19-07-2007, 19:32
im really sorry to bother but i have a problem i play this game and im in 2011 i heard champions league from this forum but i didint see this in a game i play this game in a psp can some1 tell why i cant join champions league or d1 cup

20-07-2007, 04:09
you must be in division 1..
champions league in other name in pes6 is wefa something..
you need to finish 1 to 4 to qualify..

20-07-2007, 20:34
wan109 im in division 1 and i was the champion for lastt 3 years but still i dont know why there is no champions league or division cup but thank you 4 ur answer

20-07-2007, 20:35
It's called the WEFA Cup due to licensing issues. You can edit it in the edit mode though.