View Full Version : Free transfers: players with no clubs?

22-12-2003, 23:08
what does everybody else do with the players that can't go to a club because it is not on the game?

I just transfer the players to either PES United or WE United?

bish bosh
22-12-2003, 23:32
I used the "other" players to set up 2 alternative all star teams, Dunga, Hagi, Stoichkov, Best, Cantona etc vs Rivelino, Kempez, Socrates, Papin.
It almost works out that its the good guys of football vs the bad guys & they are really well matched - had some fantastic battles with them.

Used WE Utd and PES Utd so after editing details like kits, flags & team names it didn't stop people using the normal club teams.

23-12-2003, 04:21
If you mean players who move from a club team on the game to a different team who aren't on it, there's a way of keeping them on the game without going into WE Utd or PES Utd.

Here's how:

1. Go to "Club Team Selection" in the "Register" section of "Edit Player."

2. Select the player you wish to "Free Transfer" (as it were) and then select his club team - the one he's already at. It's on a different tab from the International teams.

3. Scroll down to an "Unregisted" slot in the team, and swap them.

4. Voila! You've now got the player on a free transfer.

P.S. I'm not sure as to whether they can still be bought in ML, but they're not available to use in Exhibitions etc, but are not deleted off the game, so they can be accessed again. Hope that helps!