View Full Version : The First Master League Cheat? (PC)

15-11-2007, 01:29
Some pro evo purists may not like to use this but i think i have found the first genuine cheat for the master league, "infinite team training." In the off season go to team training, train up your players, then come out, save it, go to the next week and then quit and reload up the game. You can now use team training AGAIN, but your players abilities have gone up from the last one. This can be done infinite times, so if you had the time, your team could be collosal

15-11-2007, 01:35
Nice (sort of). I think I'll try this on the Xbox360 to see if it works there too.

Do the players get tired from all the training?

15-11-2007, 01:40
They do tire, but you can just put them on full rest and do the same

15-11-2007, 01:42
You can do it on 360, somebody posted it the other day and the thread prefix was 360

15-11-2007, 01:52
haha cheeky..ill try hat.
Anyone ever done the henry challenge? Myth has it thierry is such a purist of Pro that he doesnt buy any layers until the 2nd season of 1st division