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24-05-2003, 14:32
I am currently using Mostovoi and Butt in master league extreme but I need some cover.

Any ideas for cheap and good quality DMFs to buy?
Preferably not classic players.

If you haven't got him yet, try Mostovoi as he is great.
He can be found playing for Russia.

24-05-2003, 15:31
i'd say vanderhaeghe (belgium of course), cheap and great strength & stamina

24-05-2003, 17:57
In my most recent Master League I was using Vogel (PSV & Switzerland - 2,000-4,000 points, it could vary), and Sergio from Deportivo and Spain (2,000-ish points). I made Sergio better however, because he's a good all-round player in real life, don't know if that's the sort of thing you do.

Vogel is a solid tackler and a good short passer though, I'd recommend him over players like Davids and Ballack anyday.

Also, if you can get him on the cheap, Germany and Leverkusen's Carsten Ramelow is very solid.

24-05-2003, 22:34
Vogel as stated is a good buy. Is Mostovoi a good player? I have always wondered whether he is worth buying?

24-05-2003, 22:37
Mostovoi is great all-round and amazing at free kicks.

I have just discovered Toefting of Denmark is useful.
Am trying to get Okocha and maybe Davids.

24-05-2003, 22:40
Originally posted by Zygalski
Mostovoi is great all-round and amazing at free kicks.

I have just discovered Toefting of Denmark is useful.
Am trying to get Okocha and maybe Davids.

Valeron is a good free kick taker although I'm certain he is not a DMF. Is Okocha, because if he is that's suprising.

Tofting is a good solid player. Well worth the price I believe.

25-05-2003, 12:17
Okocha can play OMF and DMF but values himself too highly.

29-05-2003, 00:53

29-05-2003, 20:40
Guardiola, he has got a pretty high wage but because you get him on free transfer he is not that expensive.

Clock Ender
30-05-2003, 07:43
MORAVCIK - similar to Mostovoi (but stats aren't as good) in that his strength is in attacking and passing so, somewhat confusingly, he's an attacking DMF! He's also both footed which is useful when he comes to shooting as you don't have to work him onto his favoured foot. Plays for Celtic and Slovakia - I picked him up on a free as I was using 'the Bhoys' in the ML. Found him useful, in Divs 3 & 2, as the 2nd DMF along side a more defensive DMF such as Ince in a 3-5-2 formation. Bonus is that he also provides cover for the first choice OMF.

INCE is also good value - he's one of the players that is unlocked when you win the ML.

FOE (Cameroon) and DIAO (Senegal) are also good freebies - they also attract the attention of other teams so are worth acquiring to sell on.

Conor Ryan
02-06-2003, 15:21
most obivious would be roy keane but vussel of psv i think and oliesh of dortmund are excellent or you could get turner who is a promising player

03-06-2003, 00:46
just go for the big players man vieira well worth it

03-06-2003, 06:43
Keane and Vieira are not cheap or free though.

Conor Ryan
03-06-2003, 13:17
although keane is dear but if you build up your team with good average players your wages will be between 200 and 300 and by winning leagues and cups you can easily build up enough points to get big players like keane the only problem is playing on extreme it is almost impossible to get him but if you want to cheat you can edit his stats to be really low then get him on the cheap and then change him back to default

04-06-2003, 17:56
Toefting is quality and cheap. Almeyda is brilliant for the money (I think he was medium expensive). And although not a DMF I rate Fadiga.

the Versatile Solari
13-06-2003, 08:26
I reccomend Doni, from the Italian bench. He's a free transfer and pretty low wage (200-something). His stats are awesome too, mostly yellows- a good all rounder. Although he's listed as an OMF you can definitely use him as DMF as his balance is really good and he's a big, strong bastid. It's handy having a DMF who can dribble fast and accurately and shoot well too. I nailed many a long range shot with this guy. Get him for any MF position, he's one of the best quality and most versatile for the price.

13-06-2003, 08:58
You have to be in there early to get him as I missed out even when I was still in Div 3.

14-06-2003, 21:34
luckily as i play as arsenal, viera was available on a free. mostovoi (russia) and guardiola (spain) are good buys as is juninho Paulista (brazil) who plays as an attacking midfielder.

26-06-2003, 14:41
Try Jayo (originally Yajo) from Peru, he's alright and nice and cheap.

Also, Giohane (or something) is AMAZINGLY good considering his stats. He plays for Romania and Dynamo kiev

16-07-2003, 12:59
I am using Mostovoi and Davids together and it's working quite well.

Going for Nedved too as he can play everywhere in midfield but not sure if Juve like me too much since I previously bought Buffon, Davids, Thuram from them.

16-07-2003, 15:39
I wouldnt personally use Mostovoi as a DMF as his Balance stat is a bit too low for what i like from a DMF .... I have used him as OMF on a ML team, and he was really good, but his balance really got the better of him often, and he would fall to the ground easily.

As far as DMF players go, the cheap good ones are kinda rare, but it seems you've already moved up to the big leagues with Davids, who is without a doubt the best DMF in the game imo. I also like Ballack and Almeyda

16-07-2003, 20:02
I use Davids for the chasing around like a dog and he gives it to Mostovoi to pass it around to the mids and forwards. I also have Ballack and his shooting is amazing.

18-07-2003, 17:08
Sunday Oliseh is worth a punt!