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04-11-2008, 16:52
Hi all

This is my 1st venture into PES and I was after a few tips on master league. I have started on regular (I know, but im a bit rubbish tbh:erm:) and I came 5th in my 1st season.
I've picked up a few players i've seen on these boards such as Kaiser and Orellano but they dont seem to be developing as their curve predicts?? Anybody know why this is. Also can ppl tell me how best to train my players during pre-season, again i've never done it b4.

Any other tips for us noobs would be greatly appreciated


04-11-2008, 19:28
bring em on for the last 20 minutes of games when youre winning

during pre season, a player like Chapi(who begins with like 56 strength) you should put him on the balance training

07-11-2008, 16:42
It depends on what u want from him the most ... for example if its a forward I like to give him Speed if u see him good at that begin with the Dribb. Training but that's me, some like him having a good shot, another example a SMF should be speedy, with good Dribb and has good Long passing. also like what Molonono1 said bring them on in the regular season to play ... the more they play the more they progress.

Have fun.

07-11-2008, 16:46
when signing people make sure there are not too many people in one position as this will decrease the chances of signing that player in the specific position. it is crucial to rest players during matches but be careful not to do it to much as it can piss them of i think.

17-11-2008, 12:47
Hey yo . I'm not a pro myself but i suggest u play the players more so they'll get more experience if you think they are not quite good enough yet u sub them in when you are winning a game Good luck !

18-11-2008, 14:17
Rotate your squad regularly, as this will give yourplayers a rexperience as well as keeping your pro's in good condition. Substiututing fatigued players after about 60 minutes is a good idea.

Another tip for master league mode is to bring players in on Loan ( only available mid season transfer window) as this will
1)Give your squad more depth
2)allow you to try the players in your team before purchasing them.