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20-12-2008, 06:21
Hands up if like me you've bought the last 4 versions of pro evolution soccer?


Im a big fan of Pro Evo and think its the best soccer series ever. Iv not been there from the begining but when I got my first copy on the x box back in the day I was very impressed and have been hooked ever since.

With each new version comes better graphics, game improvements, updates and inevitably a change of controls. The moves you had just about got used to using, tweaking and putting into play against ya mates and the computer in the last version have now been altered or worst case scenario removed all together.

Now dont get me wrong im no master at this game, to be absolutely honest im very average at it and this brings me onto the reason for starting this thread.

As iv already said iv been playing this series for a few years now and although I can pass it around, do a few variations on the crosses, score the odd free kick and score some nice goals I would say im only using about 20% of the true capabilities of this game.

Now some may argue that thats fine as long as you can have a laugh it doesn't matter if you cant do the skills. That may be true and I would have agreed up until recently when a friend of mine came down to stay for the weekend and we fired up the xbox for a few games on pro evo 09.

I learnt more in the few games I played against him than the whole 4 or 5 years iv been playing the series. For instance:


- If you press LB and A it does a quick cross which is way better and more accurate than the ones iv been doing with the single tap of A

- Hold down LB and use right analogue stick for a freelance cross this can also be done anywhere on the pitch to launch ball up field the analogue controls the power

- Hold both LB & RB down together and press cross button for a more direct cross you can also use the LB & RB combo to turn players


- Press R Trigger after a pass to make player run up field for a return pass

- Press LB & B in your own half to punt it up field very good for quick counter attacks


- When charging up meter hold R Trigger down and it makes for a more accurate controlled shot


- Press X charge up slightly and then quickly press A to do a turn thats great for beating players near to the box

- Hold RB & RT together when the ball is being passed to you and you can control the player manually hard to explain but try it and it will make sense

Now I apologise in advance as im sure your all going to say wtf you dumb ass you didn't know about all this already!! It's been in there for years...

Well im sorry but I feel a bit like iv been missing out so if there's anymore stuff out there to help me out would be greatly appreciated iv already noticed a massive improvement in my play thanks to this lot.

I hope this stuff may also help out people like me.


20-12-2008, 06:46
why didn't you just reads the manual?
most if not all is explained in there

20-12-2008, 06:49
why didn't you just reads the manual?
most if not all is explained in there

I thought the manual had just the basics in it?

21-12-2008, 06:50
I thought the manual had just the basics in it?

its all there
another tip is to pause the game mid game and check out the command list you'll find a few more things out there