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16-02-2004, 20:28
Authors: WEFriends * *****************************
Notes of the authors: Finally there are!!! Here here of forehead to our creature,
the WEFriends3.0! This till now is patch perhaps that it encloses all the one which
has been possible until today editare in we7, and is ours third patch! We hope it are
to us improves to you from when we are born and to have offered a good job to you!
And hour has arrived the moment to enjoy!!!


Contained Patch WeFriends 3.0:
- Translation Total of the game in ENG 100% ( BY Fernando )
- Names Of the players all Correcting also on the Meshes
- Correct Names Squares
- Real Names of the Stages
- Real Names of the Wills
- New balls (Final Blue - Fevernova)
- New Advertising Billboards
- New Texture Graphical in menus
- New Video
- New Shielded It begins Them
- New Flags Club
- New Shoes (totally rifared!)
- New Database with the team Modernized to season 2003/2004 with January Transfers
- New Meshes for National Clubs and; All the meshes of season 2003/2004
- New Looks (comprised faces totally rifared)
- New Squares in order to play all the SERIES To Italian and all the Champions League, with surprise regarding the classic
- New Musics
- New Database a lot cured in the particular minimums
- New Stages
- Choruses for all the squares of Serie A and most famous in Europe
- New Style of Numbers (Rome Numbers)
- New Credits (where they have been also inserted of the particular thankses and several soprese)

You excuse to us if there are forgets something sure to you...
ehhehehe sure yes

N.B. In the new Database all the transfers of the season in course are included, the titular formations,
the correct numbers of the players in the squares, the captains, and the snipers and many things cured
in the particular minimums. Instructions: The patch it is applied like the greater part of the patch
exited until today for Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution and Winning Eleven 7. For who it did not know
like making one small guide here step step - to make an image with extension bin of the game
ORIGINATES THEM! (it is advised to use a cdr-win of the Golden Hawk) - to apply the rows with extension
ppf to the image of the game as soon as created with ppf-o-matic3 - to find the eventual errors
with ECCRegen and to correct them obviously () - to use cdr-win/nero for burn the game
Special thankses:
- Naturally in top to the list we put all you that you have appreciated ours patch and also those to which
they are not like that but they have wasted cd in order to try them. Thanks also all those who
support to us warmly, you are mythical. - Thanks the warm boys of the forum of GamePlus who have
allowed to have disposition one large user. Naturally thanks to all the customers of the forum (the
thankses for you were in the point but it is always better )

Thanks to www.joystick.it for the Web Space

Like contacting to us:

WEB SITE: http://www.we-friends.da.ru
FORUM: http://www.plusnetwork.it/ipb/index.php?c=5
email: [email protected]

And...This README has been created by Babel Fish Translator.... Ours is not guilt if we are not masters in English

http://www.joystick.it/WEFriends/WEFriends3.0DeluxeENGedition.p art1.rar
http://www.joystick.it/WEFriends/WEFriends3.0DeluxeENGedition.p art2.rar
http://www.joystick.it/WEFriends/WEFriends3.0DeluxeENGedition.p art3.rar
http://www.joystick.it/WEFriends/WEFriends3.0DeluxeENGedition.p art4.rar
http://www.joystick.it/WEFriends/WEFriends3.0DeluxeENGedition.p art5.rar

16-02-2004, 21:42
How is it compared to Wendetta?

16-02-2004, 22:45
Yes have you tried it already Larsson?

16-02-2004, 23:09
no, will be nice for sure but Im quite happy with Wendetta

16-02-2004, 23:15
Im curious which boots they made/used.

16-02-2004, 23:52
Does this patch have proper kits (ie with sponsors on)?

17-02-2004, 00:08
Does this patch have proper kits (ie with sponsors on)?

WHat do you think.............

17-02-2004, 15:10
I think, no need to download another patch - wendetta is great one (and last for WE7 that i download - waiting for WE International patches :)

26-02-2004, 23:11
down loaded the patch i thought it was very good untill went to edit team and not all transfers were in place wendetta patch is the best one at this time