View Full Version : How to beat Ligue 1 at BAL mode?

28-07-2009, 18:08
This is the 4th season now I play with Saint-Etienne in the French League. All this time I've beaten all the other teams at least once. When I take a look at the gallery and see what trophies I won so far, it still says I haven't beaten this league yet. Is it because...

1. You have to beat them all in one season?

2. You player must have played in every game?

3. Your player must make sure not to get substituted before the end of the game?

4. The result of the game must have already been accomplished before you get substituted?

5. You can only do this at another game mode like Master League?

Also, with my team I've won the treble (European League, French championship, French Cup) in 3 consecutive years. At the gallery nothing happens when I click on those cups. What rules do apply here?

29-07-2009, 03:20
Did you beat Saint-Etienne? :)

29-07-2009, 11:37
ROFL. So to win this trophy I have to quit my team and make sure I still stay in the same league.

30-07-2009, 06:55
It doesn't have to be BAL, u can beat them in any mode but dunno about exhibition. I got most of mine in league mode, some in ML and BAL.

30-07-2009, 11:50
Another mystery revealed :) thx for the reply. I have to admit though that I really suck at ML. The specific camera type at BAL seems to be the only way for me to stand a chance of winning. Anyways, thx again.