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23-08-2009, 00:51
Hello all,

I have a big problem with my current Chillstream controller, and I have to buy an other gamepad. So, i have some options:

1. An other Chillstream (don't think so...:w00t)
2. An Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller - i was first thinking on it, but i have a friend playing fifa at very high level (almost pro), and he is not fully satified with the precision of this gamepad. He said sometimes when wants to pass forward, the ball goes wide, and stuff like that.
3. A Dual Action controller. Had one when playing pes 2008, but it was having big problems with calibrations too. The precision was weak. The good news was that, when it was working 100% (lucky calibration), i was playing PES very well, and found it very suitable for what i want.

Now, I was thinking on Saitek Cyborg. But noh, maybe is a better ideea to listen other pes players, to see that they think.

If we are here, I have an other question: in PES matters what kind of calibration the gamepad has? The Dual Action was going in the very corners (in Control Panel, when calibrating it), but both Chillstream and MS 360 goes round around the center, without hiting the corners).



23-08-2009, 13:36
I used to use a PS2 controller via an adapter and now I use a PS3 controller with the help of the software here:


You could use the 360 Controller for Windows but I found it to be too big and don't like a D-Pad with eight way controls.

11-09-2009, 22:09
used to use ps2 with adapter but swear by xbox360 fer windows. its down to taste but it works for me

12-09-2009, 05:42
Don Sweey got it. If you don't use the D-PAD for movements then go for the XBOX 360 pad because the analog stick is way better but if you feel you'll need the D-PAD for more than 4 extra buttons then buy the PS3 controller.

22-09-2009, 11:47
Hi all,

Of course the best game pad ever came from Sony, it beautifully lays in your hands. So the best way is to buy a switch, so you could connect it into your PC. At the moment I am using Logitech Dual Action which is not so bad, but still it lacks a lot.

22-09-2009, 14:03
Like they said,

PS 2 controller


USB adapter


Total satisfaction!

11-01-2010, 18:32
ps2 controller with converter

13-01-2010, 00:52
a really good controller is the xbox360 controller.
it works perfect.

23-01-2010, 08:43
I've used both a PS2 controller via adapter then a 360 controller when that died.

The PS2/PS3 controller is very nice comfort and precision wise, especially if you use the d-pad. However, remember that if you use a PS2 controller you won't benefit from the 360-degree movement (only PS3/360 controllers support this). The d-pad for the PS3 controller supports 360 movement as well, but the 360 controller does not, only 16 directional control for it's d-pad. Though they claim theres a difference, I'm dubious to any actual gameplay difference.

I've had your friends problem with the 360 controller (claiming that the stick is not accurate sometimes, passing out wide when intended forward etc) but I think it's just the layout of the stick on the controller itself. Once you get used to that the 360 controller is a fantastic pad.

All in all it comes down to personal preference. Get your hands on both and make the decision yourself.

Oh and the calibration circles don't really make a diff.