View Full Version : Keep Track of scorers

18-01-2010, 20:24
The best thing you can do on pro is a dream team. You get your regular players together, make your teams from the custom slots, make badges, kits even sponsors. Then you pick your players one by one on turn basis. You pick one player each until you have all the players you desire then you play leagues. COMMUNITY MODE allows you to keep track of who's winning most of the games, how much by, and you can set up little tournaments there where you can play each other but what you can't do is keep track of the scorers.

If you could this mode would be flawless. You could brag about having the top striker, plus when it comes to trade times you could up the theoretical value of your weaker players and trade them off for stronger players etc.

These minute details are why Pro is a far superior game.

This website has a phat list of the best players to pick for your dream team, check it out. http://theproshow.co.uk/blog/?cat=26